Maximizing Your Hunting Success: Tips for Selecting the Right Ammo

Written by Kane Dane

The journey has been long yet exciting for the hunting bullets. They have come a long way and have taken shape presently available today. Ammunition, or shorthand, or ammo, means any bullet, combat supplies, or gunpowder that helps in hunting.

Ammos are of three types: the full metal jacket or FMJ, which is majorly used for competition and target shooting. The others are HP and SP, expanded as Hollow and Soft points. They are helpful in self-defense.

But, having the basic knowledge about this won’t help until you are not following the tips for an advantageous purchase. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your purchase of the right ammo for hunting.

●    Glancing At Your Handgun’s Manual

Source: med.stanford.edu

There is no point in buying something that does not go with your device. The same applies to the ammo and its suitability with the right ammo. So, the first thing you need to do is read the manual you received with the handgun. The manual will consist of all the necessary information you need to know for the ammunition that will support using your handgun while hunting.

If the manual is unavailable, you can turn to the online portals. After that, you should check for the availability of the ammo. But if you cannot find a reliable provider, contact gunsrusco.com.

●    Consider The Caliber

This isn’t the normal caliber or potential as you identify it. The ammo caliber refers to the size of the ammunition that should go well with your firearm. For example, if you are going for a 9mm firearm, the best option to use it will be with the help of 9mm ammunition.

Also, you should match the caliber to three major places while matching ammunition. They are as follows:

  • The caliber should be engraved in the firearm. You should check carefully.
  • If you have the original manufacturer’s ammo box, you will find the caliber written on it.
  • The headstamp at the cartridge’s bottom is another place to find the caliber engraved.

●    Know The Targeting Process

Whether you are looking for the best ammo or any cartridge for different requirements like practicing or noticing the range time with the handgun, you should ensure that the bullet portion is encased in the metal. These are identified as full metal jackets, and the boxes have abbreviations. The abbreviation is FMJ.

If you are going for this ammo, it is inexpensive. So, if budget is your thing, or it is your first take, and you want to begin on an affordable scale, it is a great option. Also, you should pay attention to the box sides while going for the target ammo. You will find something known as the grain. It is a numeric representation. So, if you have a 9mm firearm and caliber, you will find figures like 115, 124, or 147.

Now, you might be doubtful about these figures as they have nothing else associated with them, as stated in the box. These measurements refer to the weight of the bullet. If you see small numbers, the bullet is light, and vice versa is true.

●    Choosing The Purpose

Source: silencercentral.com

Your purpose of choosing the right ammo will be defeated if you are not paying attention to the purpose, which makes you choose from the different options available. For instance, the process will be different if you want to select personal defense ammo. Hunting needs you to choose target ammo. In such a situation, you have to be more careful, as you cannot hit or compromise the safety of any bystander at the cost of any doubt or misconception.

Target ammunition helps you with hunting requirements like overpenetration and also helps you to go through the target at most ranges. You won’t face these issues with the target ammo. But, it can arise if the ammo is not up to the mark or does not satisfy the purpose.

●    Hunting Essentials

There are two major hunting factors that you have to see before making the final call for the hunting ammo. The first factor is related to the size of your game, and the second one is the average distance that you think is required before the shoot. They form the major determinants of the kind of ammo that will suit your purpose the best.

You can choose a smaller caliber if you plan on hunting a small animal. Also, you should see that if the average distance shot is longer, you will need a better velocity, and hence, you should decide accordingly.

The similarity between hunting ammo and personal defense ammo is that, in both cases, a bonded bullet will offer a cleaner cut and a deeper wound channel. The result will be fewer lead fragments. So, if you have been buying personal defense ammo and trying your hand at hunting ammo buying for the first time, there is a lot that you can seek from your former experience.

●    Options And Suggestions

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You will find various options, like lead-free ammo. These are the best to reduce lead exposure in the meat after your hunt. But you have to check as it might be a legal consideration owing to environmental concerns in some areas.

Digging more into this form, you can go for copper bullets as they are a lead-free option, especially for centerfire rifles. If you have a shotgun, you can buy a steel shot. But for this, you must ensure the shotgun has choke tubes.


It is important to know the ammo features as they will help you decide that the particular one you are going for is the best suited for your hunting activity. It should be a wise investment, and your ammo purchase should help you with the benefits you seek. The options are immense; hence, you should not be afraid to switch from one dealer to another in search of the best output and quality. That is how you can ensure that you are putting your money into something good for you and your love for hunting.


Kane Dane