Best Binocular Harness: Keeping Your Hands Free While Adventuring

Top binocular harness
Written by Kane Dane

Every owner of a binocular will need a binocular harness at some point or the other because it goes without saying that one complements the other. A binocular harness will protect your equipment and it will definitely come in handy when you decide to move around.

However, purchasing a binocular can be somewhat challenging especially if you do not know what features to look for.  How do you possibly choose?

There are certain things that you will need to know before purchasing a binocular harness. A binocular comes with different specifications of general weight and also the sizes of the lenses are factors that will determine the type of binocular harness that you purchase.

Vortex Harness Strap One size fits all   4.8 Fits all binoculars, and works well with many cameras and rangefinders


Badlands Bino Basics One size fits all 8 Straps take the weight off of the hunter’s neck and virtually eliminate sore shoulders
Badlands Tactical Binocular Case One size fits all 8 Magnetic Open and Close Badlands utilizes Zip-No Technology
Bushnell Deluxe Binocular Harness One size fits all 4.2 Comes with elasticity in straps and wide perforated panel for back support
S4Gear Lockdown Binocular Harness One size fits all 8 Made with anti-bounce technology for durability.
Leupold Quick Release Binocular Harness


One size fits all 4.8 Comes with Quick-Release that allows you to use it at your convenience.
Butler Creek Bone Collector Binocular Harness One size fits all 6.4 Supportive elastic straps that prevents neck strain
Nikon 6122 Binoculars Harness


One size fits all 4.8 Self-centering back piece that provides full upper body and back support
Tract Custom Binocular Harness One size fits all 5 Provides Upper Body support and prevents neck strain

To get you started, we have prepared a list of features that you should keep your eye on, in order to find the harness that will best suit your needs.

binocular harness

To get you started, we have prepared a list of features that you should keep your eye on, in order to find the harness that will best suit your needs.

Important Features to Consider Before Buying

It is important that you select a binocular harness that provides support, distributes weight evenly and prevents neck strain.  This is especially important because fatigue is a major issue to binocular owners.

A harness should be able to solve this problem.  ‘Neck fatigue’ is a common problem for those owning binoculars and this is because the strap around your neck focuses all the weight on the back of your neck, especially if one is carrying a heavy binocular pair.

This can be a huge problem for seniors and especially those who bird watch and participate in activities that involve regular use of their binoculars. This binocular uses   X- shaped straps that transfer the strain from the neck and distributes the weight evenly.


Well to start by, fatigue is a major issue to binocular owners. A harness should be able to deal with this problem as superbly as possible. ‘Neck fatigue’ is a common issue to those owning binoculars. The strap around your neck focuses all the weight on the back of your neck, especially if one is carrying a heavy binocular pair.

This can be a huge problem for those senior in age and older users who would like to bird watch and involve in activities that would involve regular use of their binoculars. This binocular harness transfers this strain to the shoulders with the X- shaped straps to which will bear such strain with ease as compared to the neck.


The binocular harness allows you to conveniently carry the binocular within reasonably reachable distance so that you will be able to use it anytime you need to. A harness holds the binocular securely, against one’s chest, giving them the flexibility they need to access it at their own convenience.

binocular harness

This works better for those in the field where they will need to simultaneously examine different features while viewing wildlife and other things of a similar bent.

Protection and Durability

A good binocular harness should effectively protect the binocular especially since most users tend to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. A great harness should almost fully reduce the irregular swinging of the binocular when worn.

The harnesses that come with a pack also help to protect the lenses from getting dusty, from damages of scratching or even breakage in case it is hit or the carrier bumps somewhere.


A binocular harness should provide comfort. Therefore, you should purchase a binocular harness that is soft and cushiony yet sturdy enough to provide support. It is important to note that the X-shaped straps get rid of the strain that causes discomfort in the neck part by distributing the weight along the shoulders and across the back.

binocular harness

Some also allow you to be able to do other things like recording your data in the field without necessarily having to put down the binoculars and pick it up when done.

A Few More Tips

To have a selection of the harness you need for oneself, one should be able to view the different specifications that are contained in the harness itself and to review the purpose as to which he or she intends to purchase the harness for.  Most binocular harnesses can be worn in two different ways, and even yet some harnesses provide even more wear options those others.

One’s preference will determine which harness to purchase depending on the comfortability offered by it, the ranges of the activities one is going to participate in, the extent of time that they will be out in the field and also the preference to price and brand. These have all been featured in the listed products and they are in accordance with the range of specifications that one may need during a purchase of a binocular harness.

These products also have the durability needed for a harness and also the harness strength to hold the pair of binoculars without any problem. The straps listed have been assessed and also been made to offer one the best quality of service needed by any binocular user.

Top Products on The Market

Every product has its own different design and different suitability options that one may need. So here are some of the best choices so that you can make the right selection based on your personal preference.


VORTEX OPTICS BINOCULARS HARNESS STRAPDimensions: Usually one size fits all. It’s adjustable and will, therefore, be able to fit any who wears it.

Specific features: The harness is easy to attach and completely adjustable, made from Nylon and Lycra straps, has the X- straps model for it.

Best use: hiking

The Vortex Optics Binocular Harness Strap has an indigenous strap that keeps the binoculars from jolting around as one walks. This keeps your hands free and one may even involve them with different activities maybe carry a handbag.

The straps of the Vortex are also made from Nylon and Lycra. These are durable material and allow for easy sliding of binoculars into viewing position. This feature brings out the spontaneousness needed in the field. Also, the X- shaped straps on the harness provide the comfortability and ease during the carrying around of the binoculars.

The weight of the binoculars is distributed equally across the shoulders, unlike the neck strap that focuses all the weight on the back of the neck. This makes the person in possession be able to carry the binoculars for a long while without feeling the desire to a change in position or before feeling tired handling the equipment.

The X- straps are also joined to a leather patch which makes it comfortable. Especially when one is seated, it avoids the bumpy feeling when leaning against something. The strap also holds the binoculars close to the chest and therefore out of the way during walking and other involving activities.

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BADLANDS BINO BASICS BINOCULAR STRAP FOR HUNTING BINOCULARSDimensions:  The straps are adjustable and therefore one harness will suitably be adjusted to fit irrespective of size.

Special features: Wide straps to distribute the weight evenly, it is of light weight, cushioned straps for comfortability, unconditional warranty for hunting purchasers.

Best use: hunting

The Badlands Bino Basics Binocular Strap for Hunting Binoculars is mainly used by those who participate in the game of hunting. It has been designed purposely for the hunting folks. Basically, it’s a convenient binocular harness that keeps it conveniently at your reach. The straps on which the binocular is attached to are flexible. This makes it easy to use your binoculars in the comfort of your convenience.

It has wide shoulder straps which redistribute the weight of the equipment equally on the shoulders. This design makes it less burdensome to carry it around. The wide straps also reduce the risk of the owner and carrier of the harness for developing sores that occur due to friction. The cushion embedded within the straps brings out the comfortability that is experienced when worn.

Since the harness is made of a lightweight material it brings out unparalleled comfort to the user. This makes it effective in handling the weight of the suspended binoculars enabling the user to enjoy carrying the equipment around.

These basically better the use of the Badlands harness during hunting. It brings about the possibility of being able to maneuver without any stressful action being taken.

Far from this warranted quality, the Badlands offers their customers an unlimited lifetime warranty. They will fix any issue that comes up during the time the harness serves you.

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BADLANDS CAMOUFLAGE TACTICAL BINO X HUNTING BINOCULAR CASE – HYDRATION COMPATIBLEDimensions: It is adjustable and should suit anyone at any given moment

Special features: Magnetic open and close shutter casings, hydration compatible, friendly backpack, harness, quality materials

Best use: hunting, hiking, bird watching, Game viewing

The Badlands Camouflage Tactical Bino X Hunting Binocular Case – Hydration Compatible is a harness designed mainly for hunting. It has features that will better the hunting game exercise.

The Badlands hunting binocular case embraces the No-zip technology and instead uses magnetic open and close strips. This eliminates the sounds produced by loud zippers during its opening and closing and therefore the case handling will be done quietly and with little effort.

This ensures the effectiveness during hunting as there will be a little distraction to those hunted. This case also contains a hydration compartment where one will be able to carry water up to one liter.

The liter of water is carried in a special designed Badlands water reservoir created by Hydra pack. They are easy to clean thereby easy to use. This makes the person doing the hunting to be fully equipped with all the necessities in one place.

Apart from that, the Badlands camouflage binocular case has a friendly backpack harness. The harness itself is cushioned with center shoulder straps which are strategically designed to be compatible with the hunting case.

The cushioned straps bring about the comfortability experienced during the carrying of the case across your back. It also distributes the weight of the matter contained inside.

Together with the pack comes an unconditional lifetime warranty. All customers in the hunting industry who purchase the Badlands Camouflage Tactical Bino X hunting binocular case will be fixed of any issue that occurs to the case within the remaining period of time the case is in use.

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BUSHNELL DELUXE BINOCULAR HARNESSDimensions: Adjustability is guaranteed and would be a great fit for anyone

Special features: Quality optics with HD clarity, quality tested materials in use, durable, elasticity in straps, wide perforated panel

Best use: Hunting, hiking, touring, bird watching

Bushnell Deluxe Binocular Harness is a beautifully designed, well-built harness for binoculars. It has been designed out of durable material and is meant to last a long while. The Bushnell Deluxe is equipped with elastic straps which position your binoculars upon your chest.

This gives one the comfortability needed even when performing other activities such as horse riding or even running. The straps also provide the necessary fitness in the body to avoid the harness from being saggy or loose.

Apart from that, the X – shaped straps also distribute the weight of the binocular equipment equally on the shoulders. Thereby it’s less tiresome and more comfortable to carry the binoculars around.

It also has quality optics with a stunning HD clarity when the harness is perfectly positioned. The optics will rest just below your chin so that one can be able to sight an object in a distance with ease.

The Bushnell also has a wide perforated panel for your back, which gives it the ability to support heavy binoculars with heavy objective lenses. Furthermore, the materials used in building the Bushnell have been tested and been affirmed to be of a great quality which will last one a long period of time.

Far from the stated specifications, the Bushnell also comes with a beautiful design that is impressive to the eyes and also fitting to the body itself.

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S4GEAR LOCKDOWN BINOCULAR HARNESSDimensions: Fitted with adjustable straps capable of comfortably fitting to anyone. Though they come with different versions of size. The micro version for smaller bodies and bigger versions for bigger bodies, but are adjustable to perfectly fit.

Special Features: Anti-bounce technology, low profile lens protection, meant for optics 6” to 7.5” in length, tension free glassing, cushioned straps

Best Use:  hiking, bird watching

S4Gear LockDown Binocular Harness is an extremely great binocular harness with great comfortability in its use. It is designed with an anti- bounce technology. This enables it to stay firmly on the body, despite the vigorous activity like running, bicycle riding, hiking and other bouncy involving activities.

Its straps are cushioned on the inside and are also adjustable to bring out the cozy feeling on the skin. They also are gentle on skin during the carrying of the binoculars.

The straps also run across the shoulders down to the back and also around the waist and this ensures for equitable distribution of weight. It also has the lowest profile lens protection where the lenses are protected against external features that may damage the lens at any given time.

The S4gear allows one to draw the binoculars to the face with a single motion, making it easier to use your binoculars at your convenience. The harness is meant for optics with a size ranging from 6” to 7.5” in length limiting them to binoculars that fall within the range.

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LEUPOLD QUICK RELEASE BINOCULAR HARNESS Its straps are adjustable and allow it to be adjustable to suit the purchaser or the one using them.

Special features: Quick release, firm, adjustable straps, clips on both sides

Best Use: hiking, bird watching, leisure walks.

Leupold Quick Release Binocular Harness 55895 is a one of a kind binocular harness. The harness has clips on both sides giving it the allowance to be used efficiently by both right-handed users and also left handed users. It’s also fitted with adjustable straps that make it possible to be used with a wide range of audiences.

The firm straps also allow the binoculars to be staged firmly on the chest and therefore one can be able to perform other activities without any strain. Apart from that, the straps are X- shapes, making them go over the shoulders down to the chest where the binoculars have been attached.

This X- shaped strap keeps the weight of the binoculars off your neck and redistributes it to the shoulders. There it will be so much easier to handle and also prevent the binoculars from swinging across the body. The Quick release allows one to efficiently use their binoculars at any given time, even when the spontaneous need arises.

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Dimensions: Has two adjustable shoulder straps making it able to be worn and used by almost everybody

Special Features: Supportive elastic straps, has downward pressure for stable viewing, easy on and off technology, innovative form-fitting back panel

Best Use: Sports, hunting, fishing, hiking

Butler Creek Bone Collector Edition Deluxe Bino Caddy Binocular Harness is a powerful harness for binoculars in outdoor activities. The straps are designed to run across your shoulders down to avoid the strain that occurs in the neck area.

Rather distribute the weight equally to the shoulders. It also has an innovative fitting back panel that brings the comfortability to the carrier and also the binocular to be firmly on the body. This back panel also eliminates all the strain that the neck would be subjected to it the straps were to go through the neck.

The harness also exerts a downward pressure, which enables stable viewing through the binoculars at any given moment. This makes it more effective to view objects with ease and also at one’s own comfort.

The harness is also flexible and stretches during movement; this quality makes it extremely effective when it comes to involving one with activities that are outdoor and vigorous like riding, hiking, running, etc. Because it can stretch, these activities are easier to perform with such flexibility in place.

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NIKON 6122 PROSTAFF CAMO BINOCULARS HARNESSDimensions: Its straps are completely adjustable and so will be able to fit anybody who purchases them

Special Features: Lightweight harness, quick release connection, self-centering backpiec

Best Use: Hiking, hunting, bird watching

Nikon 6122 Prostaff Camo Binocular Harness is a simple yet effective binocular harness. It has light weight qualities which enable one be able to maneuver with it when worn without any difficulty. The X- shaped straps that run across the back prevents one from ever being exhausted. That is from the weight of the binoculars, by redistributing its weight across the shoulders.

The harness also has a quick release connection which makes it easier to be worn and also to be removed from the body without any struggle. The Nikon 6122 straps are elastic creating a fine grip on the skin across the chest once worn. This will ensure that the binoculars won’t be able to swing across the chest once worn and will also allow it to be used easily without any struggle whatsoever.

The Nikon self-centering backpiece is also made out of light material. This ensures the whole harness is light and its use will be easy.

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TRACT CUSTOM BINOCULAR HARNESSDimensions: It’s made up of totally adjustable firm straps which will generally suit anyone who uses it. It doesn’t have a specific age or size range as it can be adjusted to suit the purchaser

Special Features: Designed to fit any binocular, quick release/detach system, adjustable straps, self-body grip straps, lightweight

Best Use: Gaming, fishing, hiking

Tract Custom Binocular Harness has been designed skillfully to bring out its uses out, rightly and effectively. The harness has been made to be able to fit any binocular thereby not giving restrictions to the size. Also, its lightweight nature makes it suitable for movement and also vigorous activity as it has little effect on the body.

The adjustable self-body grip straps better it as they enable it to be firmly on the body, ensuring that the binoculars are safe and protected from swinging and this tool enables one be able to bring the binoculars up close to the eyes without having to strain.

The harness is also specifically designed to keep the binocular close to the body, and remains completely silent while glassing. The quick release/detach system allows you to easily take binoculars on and off without removing the harness. The unique detach system does not scratch the binocular body or the eyelets holding the binoculars.

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Wrapping it All Up

Well, the best binoculars harness just got better. The varieties listed are effective to the user and they bring about the considerable advantage to those using them.  All products are available for you at any given time. Their variations in specifications only offer you a wider variety to be able to choose from and the ability to make a better decision at the same considering the many options that you intend to perform with your binoculars and the expedition you are to make.

binocular harness

We’ve brought the best at your table. Do you feel we’ve missed any important aspect or neglected any great product out there?

Please feel free to drop us any hints in the comments and don’t forget to share this article out.


Kane Dane