7 Best Lights For Coyote Hunting At Night 2023 – Buying Guide

Best Lights For Coyote Hunting At Night
Written by Mindy McLeod

Are you a hunter and love to hunt Coyotes at night? You must be aware of the thrill you can get by preparing yourself beforehand. The one thing which is said to be the most important during nighttime hunting is the flashlight.

Here we are explicitly talking about Coyote hunting, so I will let you know about the best lights for Coyote hunting that you can use during nighttime. Moreover, the lights you select should be adaptable and compatible with the area and the animal you are planning to hunt.

Best Overall
Souyos 3 Pcs Red Green Blue Light LED Flashlight,7W Zoomable Red Green Hunting Light Blue...
Good Choice
Ulako Green Light 350 Yards Spotlight Flood Light Zoomable Flashlight Torch for Hunting Hog Pig...
Souyos 3 Pcs Red Green Blue Light LED Flashlight,7W Zoomable Red Green Hunting Light Blue...
Ulako Green Light 350 Yards Spotlight Flood Light Zoomable Flashlight Torch for Hunting Hog Pig...
Best Overall
Souyos 3 Pcs Red Green Blue Light LED Flashlight,7W Zoomable Red Green Hunting Light Blue...
Souyos 3 Pcs Red Green Blue Light LED Flashlight,7W Zoomable Red Green Hunting Light Blue...
Good Choice
Ulako Green Light 350 Yards Spotlight Flood Light Zoomable Flashlight Torch for Hunting Hog Pig...
Ulako Green Light 350 Yards Spotlight Flood Light Zoomable Flashlight Torch for Hunting Hog Pig...

So make sure to select the light accordingly. Hunting Coyotes is adventurous and total fun when you have all the necessary equipment with you. Research says that Coyotes cannot see red and green lights, so I suggest you opt for them.

Following mentioned details will let you have the option of top three lights that you can use for Coyote hunting in case you’re hunting at night. Furthermore, the necessary specs are also mentioned below which should be present in your light to make it worth the buy.

Lights For Hunting Coyote At Night – Top Picks

Here is the list of the three best lights you can use for Coyote hunting at night. They will help you light up the area around you up to hundreds of yards, ultimately making you able to track easily.

1. Souls Red Green Blue LED Coyote Light – Best Light For Coyote Hunting At Night

Souyos 3 Pcs Red green Blue Light LED Flashlight

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While hunting for Coyotes, you should not only have the ability and confidence to hunt this animal but should also have the necessary tools and accessories with you. This means having an excellent light for hunting Coyote at night is the best thing to enhance your hunting experience.

So make sure to put a great flashlight in your backpack. This light also consists of a built-in zoom system that will help you zoom in on the specific area where you want to focus.

The light can reach up to 250 yards which means you can easily view the area around you up to 250 yards. Moreover, these lights are straightforward to use and are effortless for beginners. So you can reliably opt for them if you are beginning your hunting profession. Furthermore, three lights are available in different colors, including red, green, and blue.

All three of them provide an excellent view of the surroundings in the darkest hours of the night, precisely when looking for Coyotes. This product is lightweight and compactly designed to provide easy transport and carry. You can either put it in your backpack or locate it in your hunting bag to make it secure and easy to access.

These LED lights come with a strong and highly durable aluminum alloy case that covers them and makes them safe for transport. Moreover, this case can also be used for easy storage. I want to mention that you can easily carry this light in your backpack and can also clip it with your pocket and belt, wherever you think is convenient for you.

  • Easy to use
  • Three multiple colors
  • Easy to carry
  • It comes with a case
  • No battery


Souls Red Green Blue LED Coyote Light With Tracking Night Vision is a light that consists of three different colors of light. It comes with a built-in zoom system that helps you zoom up to 250 yards of the area around you. Furthermore, it is compactly designed and is light in weight, so you can quickly hook it up to your belt and pocket.

2. Ulako – 350 Yards Remote Pressure Switch Green Light – Best Light For Coyote Hunting

Ulako Green Light 350 Yards Spotlight Flood Light Zoomable Flashlight Torch for Hunting Hog Pig Coyote Varmint

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If you are planning to hunt Coyote and are looking for appropriate light, always keep in mind not to select the white light option. The white light isn’t for Coyote hunting; instead, the green color option is the best option you can go with. I represent Ulako – 350 Yards Remote Pressure Switch Green Light designed explicitly for Coyote hunting purposes.

Furthermore, to enhance the functioning of this Ulako-350 Green Light, it is equipped with flexible options in which you can focus and concentrate on a fixed point to focus on it using this light. It can also fit on your rifle and contains a zoom-in feature too. This feature makes this flashlight ideal as both of your hands would be free.

Moreover, this flashlight is responsible for providing lumination up to 350 yards of the area around you. This means you can easily hunt Coyotes and other animals during the night. The manufacturing of this product is done in a very durable manner which includes high-quality aluminum alloy construction.

Further, the top of this flashlight is made waterproof so that you can use it even in the rainy season. The product consists of an intelligent battery, numerous accessories, a pressure switch, and a quick-release mount.

Moreover, you can mount this lightweight rifle because of its efficiency and adaptability. Furthermore, it is adaptable to various rifles used for Coyote hunting, meaning you can attach it to any gun you have.

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Illuminates 350 yards of surrounding
  • Water-resistant
  • Light does not align with the scope


Ulako – 350 Yards Remote Pressure Switch Green Light is said to be the best option for those who are looking for the green light to opt for their Coyote hunting. This light is constructed from aluminum alloy construction. Moreover, it is also water-resistant, which is another plus for you.

3. Orion H30 Red Predator Hunting Light – Coyote Hunting Flashlight

ORION H30 Green or Red Premium 273 Yards Predator Hog Varmint Hunting Flashlight Light Kit with Remote Pressure Switch

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This predator hunting light is the most long-lasting and durable in our list of top 3. It is said to be the best available option for Coyote hunting with the waterproof feature present in it too. This feature of this hunting light helps the hunter to track in any atmosphere and weather conditions because of it being impact-proof and waterproof both.

Moreover, this hunting light comes with a ten years warranty in which you can contact the manufacturers in case of any manufacturing fault. They are bound to help you in any circumstances. Furthermore, the visibility range of this light is upto 270 yards which is a vast and extensive distance for Coyote hunting. It means that this hunting light can cover a large area around you.

Moreover, this torchlight functions on 300 lumens which is a significant count for brightening up the entire area. It is operated on batteries that are generally long-lasting and can stay up for upto 4 hours even if used continuously. The battery used in light is rechargeable with the help of a charger.

Furthermore, this product is easy to mount on various kinds of rifles because it comes with versatility in the mounting as it contains rail mount, barrel mount, and scope mount, all three of them. Additionally, the product also offers four different light settings for its brightness, so you can use the one you want and according to the needs of your environment.

  • Various options for mounting
  • Long battery timing
  • Ten years warranty
  • No zoom in and out feature


This green light is ideal for use during Coyote hunting at night. This is because it contains Long battery timing, which means the battery can stay for upto 4 hours with full brightness. Moreover, it comes with a ten-year warranty and offers various brightness settings.

Guide To Pick The Best Light For Coyote Hunting At Night

Best Lights For Coyote Hunting At Night


The following features should be considered while purchasing a light for Coyote hunting at night. Make sure these features must be there to make your torchlight the most efficient and the best among all.


Battery timing and battery quality are essential to focus on before finalizing your light. This is important because battery timing suggests how long your torch will serve you and provide you with brightness at night. Search properly and look for the best and longest-lasting battery in lights.

Look for batteries that are easy to recharge and do not require complicated recharging procedures. Additionally, always keep a spare battery with you and make sure it is fully charged. In this way, you would have a reserve option with you in case your torch’s battery finishes out during hunting.


Keep in mind what range you plan to cover while hunting for Coyotes. You should buy a light that reliably can cover the required field. It should at least cover the range of 200 yards or above. Whereas many manufacturers claim that their light can range upto 500 yards.

You can get the light with high range, too, in case you want a more extended range torchlight for Coyote hunting. So make sure to keep in mind how much area you will cover while hunting and how long your light should reach in the distance before finalizing the torchlight. In this way, you will get the torchlight according to your need.

Mounting Ability

It is always recommended to purchase a light with good mounting options available. Make sure the lights you are selecting should be easy to fix on your rifle scope. This is necessary because if you have not mounted the torchlight on the rifle scope, you have to hold it with one hand, and when you hold it with one hand, it affects the efficiency of your hunting.

Make sure the light you are considering does have mounting brackets and an easy dismounting procedure too. Make sure the mounting and dismounting of the flashlight on your rifle scope is quick and should not take much of your time. Furthermore, a good quality product would have an easy mountain feature which is convenient to do quickly.

Extra Features

The selection of the hunting light based on the features it offers depends on your preference and choice. Make a proper search on the selected morning among all sorts of lights used for Coyote hunting at night. I would recommend you to choose the one that contains extra features too.

These additional features include intensity control, zoom in and out, and easy mounting ability. Focus on what you need and select the best possible light. And in case you have chosen the flashlight in the presence of extra features, then make sure the features do work correctly and efficiently.


Best Lights For Coyote Hunting At Night


How many lumens do you need for Coyote hunting?

The lumens of light you consume affect how long your light will last. It means that if you want your light to last longer, then you should select the lower level of brightness. On the other hand, if you wish to have high brightness, you have to use more lumens to brighten up the environment, which means your light will die early.

What color of light Coyotes cannot see?

Research says that Coyotes and many other animals belonging to the canine family cannot see red and green light usually. They have an inbuilt capacity for viewing the world in yellow and blue colors. To hunt Coyotes, you can select red light and green light flash.

Will a flashlight scare Coyote?

Yes, you can say that flashlights can scare Coyotes. They do not prefer bright light. To distract a Coyote from coming in your way, you can use the available headlights of your vehicle or go with the selection of the flashlights with the colors the Coyote can see, such as yellow and Blue.

Final Thoughts

Your hunting game will become more exciting and adventurous when you have the right accessories with you. The same is the condition with Coyote hunting. If you have proper accessories and adequate torch light with you, it would be more fun and entertaining to hunt coyotes at night. Go with selecting green light or red light for getting excellent results in Coyote hunting.

I have selected the top 3 Coyote hunting torch lights, which can be used at night to give you the maximum hunting output. Make sure to read the article mentioned above and go through the specs mentioned in the buying guide to make sure you have learned every necessary feature that must be available in your light to make the light more efficient.

As a reviewer, I will suggest you buy,

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  • Dimmable remote switch: The purpose built remote cable switch can adjust brightness from 0% to 1OO% continuously without presetted modes. What's more,...
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  • Longer runtime: 2 batteries packed with the tool box, no worry about the power supply outside at all.
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