Bushnell Trophy XLT Binoculars Review: The Ultimate Hunting Binoculars

Bushnell Trophy XLT Binoculars
Written by Kane Dane

Searching for the best binoculars has never been easy, especially for first-timers, as there are just too many, almost similar, binoculars on the market. However, things could get easier and clearer if you know what features to look for. Today, we are focusing on the Bushnell Trophy XLT Binoculars as one of the many binoculars that you will come across.

This brand has made some of the most durable and toughest binoculars in this line, and 10 x 42 model is no exception. Ideal for hunters, this is a powerful optic gear it’ll be your best friend on your hunting sprees for years. So, it’s no wonder it is one of the most selling models from this brand.

Bushnell Trophy XLT

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As we expound on its features, functionality, pros, and cons, we hope to expand your knowledge on some of the best binoculars on today’s market. That means we are also going to look at some of these binoculars competitors to help you make a quick comparison and decide whether it fits your needs or not.

Product Specifications

Bushnell Trophy XLT Binoculars

  • Bundle includes the Trophy XLT Roof Prism Binoculars, 10x42mm + Deluxe Binocular Harness
  • Fully multi-coated optics deliver ultra-bright, razor sharp images
  • O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for 100% waterproof/fog proof
  • Fast-focus center focus wheel, 15.2mm eye relief and only 25 ounces
  • Deluxe binocular harness keeps the weight off of your neck and keeps your optics front and center

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If you are looking for some great all-purpose binoculars, then Bushnell Trophy XLT 10×42 Binoculars are all you need. The price is affordable, and they do the job just as expected. You will certainly be happy with this model as it performs great on every task, be it shooting or bird watching.


Bushnell really did their best in providing all sorts of accessories with this model, so if you opt for Trophy XLT you might not need to purchase anything more than what’s included in the package. Let’s see what’s inside.

You get one, standard-sized, Trophy XLT 10 x 24 binocular, a lightweight silver bag that keeps everything else together, a nice, wide deluxe binocular harness to keep the weight off your neck while keeping the optics front.

Bushnell XLT Package

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Inside. you’ll also find a center strap to help you carry it around your neck, lightly padded bag to keep the pair of Bushnell’s in, rubber padded screw out extensions that keeps your glasses away to avoid scratching the lens if you are looking through them, a cleaning cloth for wiping the lens and a lifetime warranty document.

Design and durability

When the materials and construction are right, you know outright that the product will be durable. These binoculars are coated in rubber and they can withstand lots of impacts.

The Dura-Grip and rubber-armored housing combined with the soft-touch thumb grips come in handy in promoting durability. Also, there are covers for the front and rear optics providing even more durability. The only problem with having uncovered optics is that you might need to replace them every now and then as they are exposed to all sort of abuse during transportation and breaks between use.

Bushnell Trophy XLT Binoculars Design

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They are also very ragged hence handling them while in use becomes easier and safe. Also, the manufacturers also help you in keeping your binoculars in good shape by giving you 2 cases where one is a soft bag while the other one fits over your shoulders or belt.

The strap that comfortably goes around the neck also plays a role in keeping your binoculars safe while in use as they can hardly drop to the ground. The optics are also of a high quality with stunning HD clarity.


Trophy XLT model features BaK-4 prisms and has fully multi-coated optics thus delivering razor-sharp images throughout even when there is game movement. It also features 10x magnification, apparent field of view of 62° and 42 mm objective lens.

It’s perfect for hunting as it provides ideal optical performances. They also feature world-class optics so this combined with the fully-coated feature delivers the best results.

Waterproof and Fogproof

Sometimes you might get unexpected weather changes, but with this model, you will have no worries. Trophy XLT is nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed which means that is 100% waterproof and fogproof.

They are dependable in any weather condition. It is perfectly suitable for all those who are traveling and for sporting and hunting due to its unique roof prism that provides a long-range view of all sorts of objects.

Value for Money and Guarantee

Being all-around binoculars, Bushnell Trophy XLT gives you a great value for money as they retail at approximately $110. Their performance is outstanding for the price, and you get all the accessories you need to have a complete package.

You might expect that you’ll get a tripod included, but, as we said, this binocular is advertised as “all-around” binocular and too heavy binoculars cannot be referred to as all-around binoculars as they limit the users in terms of how far they can take them while on foot. But you can always buy it separately.

With Bushnell Trophy XLT binoculars you get a lifetime warranty. They warrant that the binoculars are free from any defects in workmanship and materials and that it will meet the expected performance standards. In case of any complaints, either because of poor performance or any form of defect, Bushnell will either repair it or replace it.

They also cover the shipping charges. The warranty is transferable fully, and you will not need a receipt, product registration or warranty card.

However, the warranty does not cover any electronic components such as batteries, cosmetic damages, any damages as a result of poor maintenance, theft, loss, damages resulting from unauthorized repairs, disassembly or modification, misuses, intentional damages, ordinary wear and tear and abuse. Also, do not tamper with the serialization codes and date stamp as this will make the warranty void.

Close Competitors

What we also did is an extensive research and comparison of several competitors that have similar features. Although our focus today is mainly on the Bushnell Trophy XLT binocular, we wanted to take a look at a few other models in order to guide you in spotting the difference. Let’s see what are our options!

Bushnell Legend L-Series 10x42mm BinocularsBushnell Legend L-Series 10x42mm Binoculars

As advertised on Bushnell’s official website Bushnell Legend L-Series 10x42mm Binoculars are the most feature-filled binoculars. This model has so much in common with Trophy XLT that we hardly found any difference.

For example, Legend L-Series model has all-weather assurance as they feature an exclusive RainGuard HD coating and they also feature fully multi-coated optics for maximum brightness, as well as the fact that the optics are made of lead-free glass. They also feature an ultra-wide field of view thus are great for outdoor viewing and are also water/fog proof. The accessories in two are also the same.

Legend L-Series binoculars are however lighter than the Trophy XLT binoculars (25 oz.) as they weigh up to 23.5 oz. They also feature an improved eyecup resistant. While the Bushnell Trophy XLT binoculars retail at approximately $110, the Legend L-Series retails at approximately $150 and their field of view is 340 ft compared to 325 ft in Trophy XLT binoculars.

Leupold BX-1 10x42mm BinocularsLeupold BX-1 10x42mm Binoculars

Leupold BX-1 10x42mm Binoculars are quite lightweight as they weigh just 16 ounces which makes them the best for one-handed use or extensive viewing while not on a tripod.  They retail at approximately $120 and come with all the necessary accessories such as a neck strap, carrying case, and protective lens covers.

However, the neck strap is a bit too basic and we recommend getting a harness especially if you plan to use them in the field though it still gets the job done.

The other thing we didn’t like about this model from Leupold is that the lens covers have rings that are supposed to enable you to view through them as they hang. They fit too loosely so you might end up losing them and it is the same case with the covers.

However, we’re sure you’ll be happy with how they perform and they make even a better choice for people who prefer smaller and lightweight binoculars. They are easy to adjust and give clear images. The optics are also fully multi-coated providing maximum brightness.

Celestron 71345 Outland X 10×42 BinocularCelestron 71345 Outland X 10x42 Binocular

Celestron 71345 Outland X 10×42 Binocular features multi-coated optics, but the level of brightness might be lower than that in Bushnell Trophy XLT binoculars.

They retail at approximately $70 (which is much less you’ll pay for Trophy XLT) so they make a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

They are also waterproof and fogproof and come with a neck strap and a carrying case. They are however quite heavy as they weigh 31.68 ounces hence so you might think they are bulky and might be limited to do some activities. But, for the price, they are great, and you will enjoy using them and appreciate the great value for your money.


The Bushnell Trophy XLT 10×42 are great binoculars. They feature a sturdy construction, are considerately lightweight, give great views, and are easy to operate. They come with all the necessary accessories and focus better than most binoculars retailing at a much higher price.

They are just as good as it gets in shadows and low light. You can use them with a shooting stick as they are clear enough to spot with or a tripod. They also feel good in the hands plus the adjustments are stiff enough to hold while also easy to change as needed.


  • Great all around binoculars
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • Protective flip-up objective lens covers
  • Soft Touch thumb-grips for enhanced handling & stability
  • Dura-Grip rubber armoring for a secure grip
  • Fast-focus center focus wheel
  • Tripod adaptable with an optional tripod mount
  • Twist-up eyecups enabling comfortable viewing with eyeglasses
  • Fully multi-coated optics for maximum brightness thus super sharp images
  • Optics are made of environmentally-friendly lead-free glass
  • Lifetime warranty

  • Cheaply made objective lens covers that fit loosely

Trophy XLT model also comes with a Deluxe Bingo harness that makes a perfect solution for unparalleled performance and comfort when wearing them. In fact, the harness makes their weight unnoticeable.

If you wear glasses you’ll surely love them as they adjust better. So if you don’t like taking your glasses off when using your binoculars, this might be a great choice.

Bushnell Trophy XLT Binoculars
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Optics
  • Waterproof and Fogproof
  • Value for Money and Guarantee


With Bushnell Trophy XLT binoculars, you’ll get a great field of view, they come with covers for front and rear optics, each eyepiece is adjustable. They are coated in a rubber thus durable, and focusing is easy. You will also get very helpful accessories which means you’ll cut on extra costs, and the optics are of high quality with stunning HD clarity.

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We hope you will find our review helpful in your search and if we left any relevant information out you can let us know in the comment section, and we will be happy to update the article. Also, we’d love to hear your opinion if you already have and use Bushnell Trophy XLT binocular. What’s good, what’s not? We’re all ears.


Kane Dane