Prescription For Computer Glasses: How to Get The Right Pair

Written by Kane Dane

As most of our work, these days is performed on computers and it requires a lot of time sitting and squinting in front of the computer. If you are tired of squinting at your computer because you have to work day and night, then you need to look for a prescription for computer glasses.

The prolong interaction between humans and technology can prove tiring because constantly staring at the screens may cause weakening of our eyesight.

According to Healthfully:

“Most people, as they age around 40’s feel the necessity of using glasses. They find it more comfortable to work while wearing glasses.”

If a person experiences this stage, it is recommended for him to go to a doctor and have a complete vision checkup. If you avoid wearing glasses at this stage, your eyesight may deteriorate.

It is now proved that your old glasses won’t work as computer emits such rays that affect your eyesight. However, you do not need to worry. With a pair of computer glasses, you can easily improve your eyesight and see clearly.

What are Prescription Computer Glasses?

These are unlike the plain glasses that you might use while reading a book. These glasses are special in a way because they are anti-reflective and they reduce the eye strain that you feel after staring at your computer screen for a long period.

Computer Glasses

Computer glasses are unique as they are coated with an anti-reflective coating that means that it does not reflect light. This way you can easily stare and work on your computer screen without complaining about the eye strain.

You might be thinking, “Whether these glasses are different from other glasses or not?”.

Yes, these are different from rest of the simple glasses. These are specially made with the quality of controlling light reflection and these are used for other many other purposes as well. However, mainly these are used while working on digital devices.

Do You Need Computer Glasses?

It is a well-known fact that this is the digital era. Almost everyone uses digital devices. One of the biggest problems people face due to working on digital devices is eyesight issues that can lead to other significant health issues. The eyesight issues that are caused by computer fall in the category of Computer Vision Syndrome. This starts off with eye strain, pain and then leads to other problems if not taken care of.

According to WebMD research:

“50% to 90% people who work on their computers face these symptoms: a headache, itching in the eyes, fatigue, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain.”

A good pair of computer glasses can counter all these problems. Along with the glasses, proper rest for eyes is essential as well. A pair of computer glasses can cater all your needs in this case.

So, how can these problems be minimized?

The answer is simple. Individuals need to take rest from their computer screens. That makes a lot of difference. Other than that, a pair of prescribed computer glasses is the solution to all these problems.

How Do These Glasses Protect Your Eyes?

While working on your computer, you might have noticed that the light emitted through the screen causes strain in your eyes. You start feeling tired and the symptoms become clear.

Anti-reflective coating or anti-glare coating can remove all the reflection of light from the lenses of the glasses. This way you can see and work more comfortably on your computer without squinting.

Anti Glare Eyeglasses

The coating can be of various types. It can be expensive as well as cheap depending upon the quality of it. It is said that some lenses are coated while others are baked. The ones that are dipped into coatings are more vulnerable to scratching and peeling off whereas the ones that are baked are more sustainable.

We hope you don’t opt for any other glasses now, as there are numerous benefits of anti-glare glasses.

If you are still dubious then let us tell you that experts say that Anti-glare glasses make it easy and comfortable for people to use their computers for a long time without eye strain.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Computer Glasses

While buying your computer glasses, keep in mind to look for optimum, clear vision and a cool appearance.

It is imperative to ponder properly and choose your frame and lenses wisely, as they reflect your own personality. Your optometrist can help you find one and even customize your lenses to have a perfect pair as per your requirements.

When your optometrist prescribes the computer glasses, it is better to go and search for a perfect pair. Sometimes spectacle lenses don’t easily fit in the frame and create trouble. Therefore, you should always look for reliable lenses that provide a clear vision.

You might be wondering, “what material the lenses should be of?”

Previously, mineral glass was mostly used in glasses, but now plastic lenses have replaced them. This material has countless advantages, as it does not break easily having lower risks of injuries.

We have a great guide on how to choose computer glasses, so check it out!

What Guarantees Optimum Wearer Tolerance For Computer Glasses?

It has a simple formula. The more suitable and better the design of your lenses, the better the vision and the more quickly you get them, the more you will get used to wearing them.

In this case, more work is of the optician and the manufacturer of the lens. The more effective their work, the more beneficial it is for you.

Trying New Glasses

Folks usually try to avoid wearing their computer glasses. That should not be the case. You should try to wear your computer glasses from the day these are prescribed to you. Doing that would not only make your eyes get used to these but your brain as well.

How to Make Calculations and Get the Right Pair of Glasses?

If you don’t believe us, you would definitely believe the researchers. They say that: “Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans need prescription lenses. Age also matters in this case.”

When almost every other person is using computers and laptops, then eye strain is expected. Therefore, to find the right pair of computer glasses is essential because it is a critical matter for your eyes. If you won’t wear the precise glasses, your eyes could get hurt.

Try these ways on for size to avert any issue:

1. Get your eyes examined

You need to see an eye expert/optometrist and get a proper checkup. Once you get your checkup done, the doctor will prescribe you the lenses himself. You do not need to get one yourself without a checkup. This is something that requires cautiousness.

2. Don’t get distracted

While looking for the perfect lens and frame, do not let fashion discomfort you. Choose the pair that provides you comfort and a clear vision.

3. Size matters

The size matters a lot while choosing a pair of computer glasses. Individuals suffer from Presbyopia and that means there is a natural stiffening of the lens, which can blur your focus and you can face problem while focusing on something.

4. Calculation

People suffering from Presbyopia prefer ‘multifocal’ lens that is strong. Multifocal lenses should be at least of 1.25 inches in vertical height.

If you prefer fashion to need, read what Robert Rosenberg (optometrist in New York) says:

They’re not good for older patients who need bifocals, trifocals or progressives. Even if you are young, you should always look for comfort over fashion!

Here are the guidelines for correct calculations for your computer glasses:

Check the distance from the screen of your computer to your face because distance matters a lot. Check what your eye doctor has prescribed you. The numbers are mentioned for the sphere. For instance, if a prescription is +1.00 – 0.50 X 105. In this case, the sphere is +1.00.

The size of your computer screen also matters. You need to calculate your glasses prescription for your computer. If the screen is at the distance of 21 to 35 inches away from your face, you will need 1.50 diopters for your prescription.

You can start from zero if you do not want glasses for distance. The measurement you make, jot it down on a piece of paper and take that with you while going to the store to buy your pair of glasses.

Lens quality also matters while buying computer glasses. As mentioned earlier, now plastic has replaced mineral glass but it also has categories.

  • Basic – also known as CR-39, is a low price lens.
  • Mid-index – this is light and slim as compared to basic ones but they might need a thicker lens for farsightedness and it limits the frame options.
  • High index – it is the most expensive one. It is thinner and provides the best and clear vision.

Wrap Up

Anti-reflective glasses are the most valuable things we have today, as this is the age of digitalization. The use of these e-devices cannot be reduced, so it is better to take precautionary measures. With the support of these glasses, eye strain can be reduced or even eliminated.

There is an extensive variety available in the market at different prices. Even if you spend money, we are sure that it is worth the money, as it will serve your major eye problem.

One more thing that makes us drool for these glasses is that they can be used for multiple purposes and not just computers. Therefore, you should go and get one.


Kane Dane