Best Gen 3 Night Vision Scopes: Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

Gen 3 night vision scopes
Written by Kane Dane

Nothing beats being able to navigate a totally dark area with ease and precision as if it were the day. A night vision scope is a must have for military personnel, security officials, hunters and just about anyone keen on adventure. Nevertheless, you should never venture out into the dark without being fully equipped and prepared.

You may also opt to upgrade by purchasing the rifle scope which combines night vision visibility with military capability in a way that is unparalleled.

One thing is sure, you’ll want to find the Best Gen 3 Night Vision Scopes you can. Further, to help you out with choosing the best Gen 3 night vision scope, make sure to check out evaluation list that follows here.

Our Top Picks

Product NameMagnificationResolutionFOVPrice
ATN PVS7-31x64 lp/mm40°Check price on Amazon
Armasight NYX-141x47 - 57 lp/mm40°Check price on Amazon
Sightmark PVS-141x57 - 64 lp/mm40°Check price on Amazon
PVS-7 3P1x64 - 72 lp/mm40°Check price on Amazon
Armasight Discovery8x47 - 57 lp/mm6.5°Check price on Amazon
Armasight Vulcan3.7x47 - 57 lp/mm12°Check price on Amazon
ATN Mars 4X-34x64 - 72 lp/mmCheck price on Amazon
Pulsar Phantom4x45 lp/mmCheck price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Purchase

First of all, the reason for purchasing a night vision scope is really to enhance vision. If you are thinking of purchasing this device then more than likely you are desirous of being able to clearly see images that would ordinarily be less than visible to the naked eye.

The options are many but there are some things you need to consider before purchasing this device.


Before purchasing a Gen 3 night vision rifle scope you should consider choosing a device that has some of the best illuminators. Illuminators as the name suggests, are responsible for enhancing night vision. Among the best are those that come with infrared illuminators and flood lens that can be adjusted.


Since night vision scopes are generally used under harsh conditions. It would be wise to purchase one that comes suited for that purpose.

Gen 3 Night Vision Scopes

You should consider the ones that are encased in an ergonomic shell and then shop for the ones that can withstand humidity and are water, seawater, dust and sand resistant.


There night vision scopes that work well but they are heavy; you should definitely stay away from those.  After all, nobody ones to be wandering around with unnecessary junk and neither should you. The best buy would be a night vision scope that is both functional and lightweight and there is a whole range that you can choose from.

Easily Accessible

The best night vision scopes are those that are easily accessible.  Some night scope can be mounted on tripods and stands or can be mounted on the head, helmet or on the weapon. The best ones are the one that gives you all the options and a rifle night vision scope is particularly suited for those who are in the military or have to deal with similar situations.

Reviews of the Top Products on the Market

From hunting, long-range shooting, to stargazing using one of the best GEN 3 NV scopes reviewed here will make your life easier when outdoors.

ATN PVS7-3 Night Vision Goggle

ATN PVS7-3 GogglePrice: Approx. $3700

Magnification: 1x

Resolution: 64 lp/mm

F.O.V: 40°

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Specific features: Multi-purpose, lightweight, equipped with momentary or continuous IR switch, internal low battery and IR indicators,  waterproof

Best use: Assist viewing, night vision

The gen 3 night vision rifle scope is becoming increasingly popular mainly because of its efficiency. In fact, products that fall under this category tend to be of such high standard that they been branded military quality. The ATN PVS7-3 Night Vision Goggle is one of the leading brands.

The ATN PVS7 -3 Night Vision Goggle can best be described as a durable, reliable and efficient Night Vision System. This pair of goggles has been specifically manufactured to meet the needs of US Army soldiers who have to navigate the most difficult and rugged terrain.

Therefore, it provides impeccable viewing assistance and makes it easier to clearly view objects on pitch dark nights and under the harshest weather conditions.

Additionally, it is multi-faceted and can be mounted on a tripod or it can be either hand held or secured on head or helmet. It also comes with an infrared illuminator that comes with a switch that can be controlled by the user and an indicator that prominently displays the battery life.

Interestingly, this device can be easily carried since it only weighs a measly 3.2 pounds. It also features a head strap that can be readily adjusted to easily fit the user and the material can accommodate the wear and tear of everyday use.

These night vision goggles come with a well-fitted shoulder strap, a head mount with brow pads that can be easily assembled and the package contains two AA batteries that allow you to get started immediately. This product comes with a limited two-year warranty.


  • Amazing view
  • Great technology
  • Great for stargazing


  • Does not adjust easily for smaller eyes

Related: You may want to consider pairing this set of goggles with an ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Rangefinder, to allow you to gauge distances properly even in the dark.

Check the price on Amazon

Armasight NYX-14 GEN 3+

Armasight NYX-14 GEN 3+Price: Approx. $4500

Magnification: 1x

Resolution: 47 – 57 lp/mm

F.O.V: 40°

Weight: 0.88 lbs

Specific features: Compact, rugged design, waterproof, weapon mountable, head or helmet mountable for hands-free usage, manual brightness control

Best use: Assisted vision, night vision

The Armasight NYX-14 GEN 3+ is unrivaled when it comes to quality. In fact, it will very soon become the benchmark for all products in this category. This is one of the latest models and it has been manufactured to perform efficiently under some of worse circumstances.

Comparatively, it supersedes MIL-SPEC-810 specifications and can function at the optimal level under high humidity, extremely hot and cold temperatures. It is also sea water and rain resistant and allows the user to easily navigate his or her surrounding despite the conditions.

It is a good buy because it is guaranteed to last for a very long time because it is encased in material that can withstand extensive pressure without being damaged. Therefore, this is a cost effective product since its durability will definitely cause you to save money.

This night vision monocular also allows the user to manually determine the brightness of the image. For example, on a pitch black night when the user’s vision is severely impaired, the user has the option of illuminating the area in order to function as if it were daylight.

The monocular comes with a whole series of lenses and illuminators that allow for extreme zooming. It is also important to note that this can be mounted on the head or helmet or weapons and makes it easier to spot and zero in on long range objects without compromising the mission or making the user visible.

The Nyx-14 Ghost MG is equipped with manual gain control and a high-performance providing a clear black and white image and resolution of 47-57 lp/mm.

It is presently the only device of this bent that comes with such a wide range of features that allows the user to carry out so many functions at once. This is ideal for the user who does not want the unnecessary challenges that come with other less than perfect night vision devices.

This is for the user who is desirous of having the best. This device comes with a limited two-year warranty.


  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Can adjust the monocular manually
  • Includes a whole lot of lenses and illuminators
  • Can mount the device to your head, helmet, or weapon


  • Expensive

Related: For continued use, you will want to consider the Armasight Goggle Kit No. 2 to give you a good head mounting option for the monocular.

Check the price on Amazon

Sightmark PVS-14

Sightmark PVS-14 GogglesPrice: Approx. $3500

Magnification: 1x

Resolution: 57 – 64 lp/mm

F.O.V: 40°

Weight: 0.77 lbs

Specific features: 5mw adjustable IR illuminator, low battery/IR indicator, automatic brightness control, advanced image intensifiers, waterproof

Best use: Assisted vision, night vision

The Sightmark PVS-14 is a multi-purpose device that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user. This device can hand held or mounted on the head, helmet or weapon. It also comes with integrated 5mw adjustable IR illuminator that instantly illuminates objects.

Remarkably, the pair of night vision goggles can also take pictures and videos, a feature that most devices do not have. It also alerts the user by way of the automatic brightness control, when the battery life is running low.

It is also good to note that this device can be used with other compatible weapons that use night vision as well. It generates very good images because it uses some of the most advanced image resolutions. In fact, this specific model comes with 59-64 lp/mm that guarantees good resolution.

The goggles will automatically power off when it encounters bright light and will go into save battery life mode. When compared to other night vision devices, this model produces better image qualities and gives the user clearer vision.

It can be easily carried because it weighs only 2.2 pounds and is water resistant. It comes with a three-year tube warranty and a lifetime warranty on the encasing.


  • Compatible with different weapons
  • Generates clear images
  • Automatically switches off
  • Includes a 3-year tube warranty and lifetime warranty on all parts
  • Versatile to use


  • Costly

Related: If you are looking to mount this device on a weapon you’ll want to pick up a Sightmark AN/PVS 14 Weapons Mount for a secure fit.

Check the price on Amazon

PVS-7 3P – Night Vision Goggle

PVS-7 3P Night VisionPrice: Approx. $4500

Magnification: 1x

Resolution: 64 – 72 lp/mm

F.O.V: 40°

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Specific features: Compact design, waterproof, head or helmet mountable for hands-free usage, built–in infrared illuminator, detachable flood lens,

Best use: Assisted vision, night vision

The PVS-7 3P – Night Vision Goggle is perhaps one of the most popular night vision devices because it has gained a reputation for being outstanding.  It is particularly suited for military use because it can function under some of the most challenging situations.

It comes with an automatic brightness control feature which totally illuminates an object regardless of the lighting situation. Therefore, the user will be able to move about freely even in the absence of light.

The night vision goggles have the ability to power off once it is exposed to too much light in addition to a flip-up shut-off feature when used with the optional helmet mount assembly.

This device comes with dual LED indicators that indicate battery life; yellow indicates that the battery life is low and the red indicates that the IR illuminator is on and these are placed within an eye shot immediately in front.

It can be easily carried and mounted and can be placed at various points; it can be either handheld, worn on the head or on the helmet.

It can view objects at varying distances and can be used as long-range night vision device with features that can zoom into objects. It is fitted with a tube that makes it easier to move around freely in total darkness. This particular device comes with a three-year warranty.


  • You own the night with this Gen 3
  • Great to use in any type of lighting situation
  • Powers off automatically
  • Great to mount to a helmet
  • Great for long distance shots


  • Bit costly for some people

Related: For an investment like this you’ll want to keep it protected while not in use.  With that in mind, the Soft Carry Case with Shoulder Strap is just the thing to keep your goggles ready and safe.

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Armasight Discovery 8X Ghost

Armasight Discovery 8X GhostPrice: Approx. $4700

Magnification: 8x

Resolution: 47 – 57 lp/mm


Weight: 3.3 lbs

Specific features: 8x front lens, dual eye viewing system for long viewing night time sessions, detachable long-range infrared illuminator, water and fog resistance, tripod mountable,

Best use: Assisted vision, long distance surveillance

The Armasight Discovery 8X Ghost is ideal for the user who wants to scout long distances and it is one of the leading devices in this category.  It has been specifically designed to provide impeccable vision at all times.

However, this pair of binocular is unique in that, it can scan the entire length and breadth of a long range area thereby making ideal for nature lovers and those who are responsible for securing an area.

Remarkably, the user does not have to be literally on the ground or in close proximity in order to have a great view of the area under surveillance and the user can monitor the activities for a relatively long period of time.

The Armasight binoculars can magnify an object up to 8 times its actual size and is capable of generating black and white imagery with a resolution of 47-57 lp/mm.

It can handheld or placed on a tripod and it can withstand water damage and can absorb any sudden movement or shock. It is not as heavy as other devices but takes very little effort to carry around. It comes with a limited 2-year warranty.


  • Great for stargazing
  • Great for long-range viewing
  • Can keep it in your hand or attach it to a tripod


  • Expensive

Related: If you are taking this on any adventures that require some travel you’ll want to protect it while headed to your destination.  To accomplish that you’ll want something like the Mil-Standard Hard Shipping/Storage Case.

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Armasight Vulcan 3.5-7

Armasight Vulcan 3.5-7Price: Approx. $4200

Magnification: 3.7x

Resolution: 47 – 57 lp/mm

F.O.V: 12°

Weight: 2 lbs

Specific features: Gen 3 White Phosphor image intensifier tube, manual gain control, 2x magnifiers are included detachable long-range infrared illuminator.

Best use: Assisted vision, object targeting

The Armasight Vulcan 3.5-7 though relatively small in size will prove to be valuable. It is ideal for weapon mounts because it can be carried hassle free. It can be used on an adjustable mount that can be easily and readily assembled.

This device has a variety of colorful lenses and a fine reticle that can be adjusted to make it easier for the user to hit the target. It comes with 3.5X magnification and an optical doubler which can quickly transform the rifle into the 7x scope.

It is also dust, sand, and water resistant.  The Armasight night vision rifle scope also features laser compartments and is suited for those who need to easily spot and take out a target.

In addition, there is an adjustable feature that can be manually used to brighten or fade an object. It can also generate clean black and white images that could prove to be beneficial at some point or the other.


  • Durable
  • Compact and light
  • Clear images
  • Includes a quick release mount


  • Multiple reticles would have been great to use

Related: If you are taking this on any adventures that require some travel you’ll want to protect it while headed to your destination.  To accomplish that you’ll want something like the Mil-Standard Hard Shipping/Storage Case.

Check the price on Amazon

ATN Mars 4X-3

ATN Mars 4X-3 GEN 3Price: Approx. $3500

Magnification: 4x

Resolution: 64 – 72 lp/mm


Weight: 10 lbs

Specific features: Hard carrying/storage case, 4x magnification, red or amber on green range finding reticle, detachable long range ir450 illuminator

Best use: Object targeting, assisted vision

The ATN Mars 4x-3 is one of the most current military suited rifle scopes on the market. It features some of the most advanced technology that supersedes the traditional military devices.  This new and improved artillery is specifically made and ergonomically designed to function effectively.

It comes equipped with the MX10160 type hand-selected image-intensifier tubes that can adapt to any lighting situation.  This means it can perform optimally in total darkness on one hand and equally well under normal circumstances. This is ideal for those who are in the military or are involved in serious life compromising situations.

This rifle scope is lighter than most of the artillery in this category and is made from aerospace-quality aluminum billet and fitted with titanium inserts.  It also has the ability to magnify objects, allows the user to determine height and angle and uses advanced technologically engineered remote control sensors.

The night vision rifle scope is water resistant and can function optimally while submerged in 66 ft for a period of 1 hour. It also comes with a mount that can accommodate Picatinny or 7/8″ Weaver-style rail and has been modified to resist fogging that may occur internally.

This model uses either (1) 3V CR123 or (1) AA battery (which comes with the rifle). The riflescope uses technology in a way that other devices are yet to do and as such, it is a recommended purchase it does not require much work since the computer generated technology makes it a cut above the rest.

It is a must have especially for those involved in combat and the fact that it has such an incredibly long shelf life because it is not easily damaged should be more than incentive enough.


  • Superb range
  • Clear images
  • Great for hunting


  • A bit costly

Related: You may want to consider pairing this set of goggles with an ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Rangefinder, to allow you to gauge distances properly even in the dark.

Check the price on Amazon

Pulsar 4×60 Phantom

Pulsar 4×60 Phantom Gen 3Price: Approx. $4800

Magnification: 4x

Resolution: 45 lp/mm


Weight: 5 lbs

Specific features: L3 mx-10160 unfilmed image intensifier tube, ultra durable housing (composite and aluminum D16), large 60mm objective lens, high 4x magnification

Best use: Assisted vision, night vision, object targeting

The Pulsar 4×60 Phantom comes with a 60mm objective lens and has been specifically designed to resist internal fogging (due to the presence of nitrogen.) It has been modeled to feature a combination of L3 Gen 3 unfilmed image intensifier tube with Mil-Spec specification.

This gives it the capability of impeccable night vision since it magnifies targets and permits the user to scan a perimeter of 930-meters.

It provides the user with long distance scope and accurate mapping of life-size objects. This version of the riflescope has been manufactured to perform optimally in extreme situations and worse case scenarios. Since this particularly suited for the outdoors, the user can expect it to function effectively under severe weather conditions.

This device is guaranteed to hit its target because of the specifications. So this is ideal for the marksman, security personnel, those in the military or anyone who is engaged in similar situations.

It is important to note that many devices that are considered high performance have one common shortfall and that is a lack of durability and as such we sometimes end up spending much more than is anticipated.

However, this is not the case when it comes to this night vision riflescope because it has been repeatedly tested and proven to be one of the most durable products of this kind on the market. This made evident by the fact that is made of two of the strongest materials; fiberglass reinforced composite nylon and duraluminum.

The former has been known to be damage, corrosive and temperature resistant, while the latter that contains similar properties serves as a type of reinforcement.

The riflescope comes with a Weaver rail mount that is designed to mount weapons while the opposite side can be used to mount illuminators. The user also has the option of using a remote control instead of manually maneuvering it. This is advanced technology at its best and it is guaranteed to make the user’s life easier.


  • Great for long distance shots
  • Durable
  • Include a weaver rail
  • Has advanced technology


  • Pricey

Related: High-quality devices need a highly protective case for both storage and shipping and the Pulsar Phantom Hard Protective Carrying Case has been made just for this one.

Check the price on Amazon

Final Thoughts

If you are first time user or you are not very versed on what a vision night scope is then it is recommended that you do a little research. A little web search will be enlightening and the internet is replete with information, testimonials, and reviews. In no time you will be able to find something that suits you.

It is best that you really purchase with your purpose in mind because a hunter and a military officer will have different needs. Purchase that which you need and you may upgrade according to your budget, but be sure to meet your needs first.

Gen 3 Night Vision Scopes

It is imperative that you purchase ones that will enhance your vision, get the illuminators, the flood lens the ones that enable you to zoom those are the features that you should ensure that you have and then go for durability since it is wise to buy something that will last which will save you the trouble of spending more.

In addition, the ones that can be easily accessed are the ones that you should be reaching for because you do not want to be faced with the unnecessary challenge of not being able to operate your device when the need arises.

If it is within your budget then you may purchase the ones that come with additional features but do not get tricked into buying one for its cool features at the expense of one that is fully functional and will meet your demands.

Finally, it is your turn. We would love to hear which selection you went with and why. Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this piece out on social media, you never know when your friend might be looking for some night vision gear.


Kane Dane