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Spotting scopes under 200
Mike Benton
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Hunters, birdwatchers, target shooters, and people that partake in activities that require vision enhancement all know the importance of a spotting scope, and you don’t even need to break the bank to get one, as you shall see in this article covering the best spotting scopes under 200.

They are made to be used together with a tripod and they are not as portable as binoculars but nevertheless, they give the best clarity and magnification of any kind of sporting optic, thus making them perfect for spotting animals from a distance.

Spotting scopes can serve as aids for marksmen to spot their targets plainly. It is used to confirm the position of the hits without the need walk to the target.

Man adjusting spotting scope

This means a sniper can practice with the help of a spotter (using a spotting scope) and can verify the precise placement of his/her hits without needing to walk all the way to the target. This product is very necessary to have for spotters and environmentalists. It is commonly used for wildlife viewing.

Spotting scopes are very popular to the birders, target shooters, hunters and nature viewers currently. The makers are now more mindful of providing a variety of top quality scopes to the customers. For that reason, you will have a lot of option when you are buying one from the market.

These choices have made it a more difficult task to select the ideal kit for you. There are many things you should put into consideration before purchasing a spotting scope. Some of the vital characteristics to look at include quality, transmission, weight and the level of magnification among others. With the numerous makes on the market, picking the right scope is a difficult task.

You need not worry, though, our article below will assist you to go for the best spotting scope from the hundreds and thousands of models. To select a spotting scope, the first thing you need to do is to confirm your financial plan.

Scope under the shade

If you come across a quality product that is within your little budget, then you don’t need to pay extra dollars. Here, we provide a review of some the best budget spotting scopes.

What Is a Spotting Scope?

Spotting scopes are handy telescopes that are improved with advanced optics for a clearer and more erect image or target. They are majorly used by hunters, naturalists, marksmen and anybody who needs more enlargement than what is provided by binoculars.

The finest spotting scope will offer clear and upright images of birds and other animals from far away. This means, the close study is normal and naturalists can watch the development and actions of particular species they are paying attention to.

Types of spotting scopes

Also, spotting scopes can help hunters kill and verify the target. If you’re leaving on a wilderness expedition, journey or any activity that would involve distant sightings, you will find a spotting scope very helpful. Particularly if you require something stronger than the standard binoculars, Tripod is required for perfect spotting

Why You Need a Spotting Scope

If you reside east of the Rockies and most of your time is spent in a tree stand, then you can probably easily respond to this question with a no. And if you want to get the experience of the natural world or you are just looking to load your freezer with a few yummy elk or deer, it is uncertain that you will feel like spending the cash or carry the additional load.

Nevertheless, if you use most of your time in the west and putting a prize on your wall is the major focus of time used in the field, it is necessary to have a spotting scope in your company at all times.

A spotting scope will permit you to preserve energy by watching critters from far away distance without needing to get in close to evaluate trophy worth.  Provided you are hunting at 10,000 feet, it could take you a long stressful walk just to realize that the animal that that looked like quite a catch to you isn’t really worth it.

Scouting with the scope

This use up a lot of energy and will decrease your probability of success as the hunt continues.  Having the spotting scope with you will remove any probability of time or energy wasting and it would allow you to preserve your energy for the animal that is really worth the effort.

Determining the spotting scope that is best suitable for you is a difficult task its self and that is why we have researched at great length and have compiled this list.

Things To Consider When Buying A Spotting Scope

When you come to a decision to buy a spotting scope, there are a number of essential factors you should consider when buying, such as your needs, durability, magnification and eyepiece.       It’s important to consider these factors before making your final decision so you wouldn’t regret anything in the end.


A spotting scope is a solid telescope built principally for earthly viewing and is used in situations which call for magnification that is beyond the power of a usual binocular regularly with a magnification power between 15x and 250x. Preferably, the objective lens ought to be 60 mm in diameter at least to give a vivid image.

To modify magnification, scopes feature fixed-length eyepieces or a single zoom eyepiece that can be interchanged.

Spotting scope magnification

Using a spotting scope, the viewer can begin first with a low magnification. Once you’ve located the animal then you can change to a greater power.


There is no scope that can do better than its eyepiece, so the building of the eyepiece is vital, interchangeable eyepieces in particular. Detachable eyepieces that allow you to modify magnification range can be valuable, but such an attribute is likely to impair waterproofing, and it is more expensive.

You can either select an angled or a straight eyepiece. For prolonged viewing sessions, though, angled eyepieces are more suitable, especially when the user is sitting. However, if acquiring the target quickly is important, straight eyepieces are ideal.


Spotting scopes can perform at an optimum level only when they’re stable and steady. Think about how and where your scope will be used and how you will select a suitable tripod.

Scope on a tripod

For the distance, you might desire a long tripod that gives you the allowance to stand. For a stormy mountainside, though, a small but strong tripod is the best. And if you will be using your scope a lot from the motor vehicle, a window mount is the most suitable.

Top Products on the Market

Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope

Celestron 52250 80mmWeight: 4.94 pounds

Dimension: 6 x 7 x 20 inches

For decades, Celestron has unarguably been one of the leading optics companies. The Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope constantly produces high-quality images owing to the 20-60x magnification on it.

This scope features 80 mm objective lens giving you 77% clearer image than a beginning level 60 mm scope at your hunting time or observing the nature. It features a multiple layered anti-reflection coating on its objective lens which enables the scope to put out the massive amount of brightness.

This facility that transmits light with an earpiece that has high magnification zoom and BAK4 prism generates sharper pictures. As a result of this, the lenses featured in the Celestron 52250 80mm have transformed the scope efficiency in regard to hunting and nature viewing.

As a result of these better-quality lenses, a panoramic observation of natural world will be a normal trend given credit to this scope.

The Celestron Ultima is suitable for harsh conditions because of how well it is constructed. The device is glossy and wouldn’t take up a lot of space when you put it in your bag. The tool also comes with a padded casing that is very soft and both its ends are zippered.

This enables the tool to be affixed to a tripod without having to remove the casing. This gives extra security when the device is not being used. The craggy nature of the scope is ideal for harsh situations and it also is waterproof.

The achromatic objective lens used in this scope is made of high-quality materials. This refractor-type scope has very excellent light transmission capacity, which is a result of the multilayer anti-reflection coatings on its objective lens and the zoom eyepiece also.

The prisms (BAK 4) are also covered with similar material to reduce any loss of incident illumination. This assists in improving the vividness and the lucidity of the device better than its rival device of similar price.

Outside activities like hunting calls for a spotting lens that is easily zoomable with no problems and maintain image lucidity up to nearly its complete zooming capacity. The zooming lens of this device has the capability to zoom from 20X up to 60X and can be controlled easily.

The zooming button is very soft and a small number of turns can swiftly get you from 20X magnification up to 60X without any difficulty and also without any clarity or lucidity of the object or the subject.

This scope has two versions; the non-angled and the angled. The 45° angle is ideal for surveillance and the cap with a rubber eye serves as a cover for a “T-thread” placed there for accessories and some other extensions. The pointed eyepiece also assists when you choose to use a short tripod while standing or when you frequently need to change from spotting scope to a rifle scope or your camera.

The device is very flexible and features a tripod fitting right for a lot of tripods stands you can get from the market. The benefit of purchasing a tripod individually is that you will be able to select one depending on what you want.

Given that different activities call for different kinds of position (sitting and standing for instance), having the ability to affix this scope to numerous tripod attachments gives you options.

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Firefield 20-60x60SE Spotting Scope Kit

Firefield 20-60x60SE Spotting ScopeWeight: 6.4 pounds

Dimension: 9 x 7.5 x 15.5 inches

The Firefield 20-60 x 60 SE Spotting Scope Kit is a new leading device in the world of spotting scopes. It has a realistic, yet stylish design. The device is an improvement over previous models of spotting scopes, which makes it one of the leading technologically advanced spotting scopes today.

The scope features a sturdy nylon construction which makes it suitable for lasting use and is perfect for shooting targets and far distance game tracking. It is stored effortlessly and firmly in the strong nylon case with a shoulder fastening. If you consider an exploratory trip in the path of nature viewing, you can just elect to choose this scope for a pleasurable and entertaining hangout period.

This spotting scope is capable of magnifying from 20X to 60X. Picture clarity, image sharpness, contrast, and reproduction of colors are brilliant from 20X to 40X or thereabout, of which severe distortion could set in afterward.

You’ll observe a distinct fish-eye effect and also other types of distortion starting from 40X up to 60X. Contrarily, there is no clue of a chromatic anomaly at all at any magnification. This device field of view’s range is from 57 feet to 110 feet from 1,000 yards, depends on your chosen magnification.

The prism featured in a scope is for flicking the picture right side up and left to right. It is very important in finding out the excellence of the images produced by the device. The prism used for the Firefield 20-60 x 60SE Spotting Scope Kit is built from BAK-4 glass.

This type of glass typically makes a prism of high quality that assists to improve the standard of the picture of the object on lock or nature. The BAK-4 prism is the finest fit for the type of Porro prism. It is capable enough to make the image sharp and vivid.

The multiple coated optics of the Firefield Scope have guaranteed the standard of the lens on this scope. This kind of multi-coated optic has the ability to improve the quantity of light as well as giving you a meaningful and sharp picture of the view being targeted.

For making the most of the quantity of light coming in from the outside of the lens and increasing the picture quality mostly relies on the multi-covering or particular substance applied to the objective lens.

The Firefield 20–60×60 SE is simple to use, with the switches positioned precisely where they are expected to be. The magnification controls, positioned on the eyepiece, and the middle focus knob rolls slickly but with adequate friction so you wouldn’t bump them loose. The device is not only shockproof, but also waterproof and fog proof.

Firefield 20-60 x 60SE Spotting Scope Kit is a totally wonderful tool for magnifying the excitement and pleasure of out-of-door nature viewing. The far distance game tracking capability and the target shooting, majority of the exploratory people that have been making use of this device are pleased with its performance. The purchasers of the product are glad at getting the high magnification images produced by this stunning device.

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Gskyer Spotting Scope

Gskyer Spotting ScopeWeight: 5 pounds

Dimension: 5.5 x 8 x 18.4 inches

Considering it is sold under $200, this spotting scope is highly recommended and because of its really impressive features. This angled spotting scope with variable 25x to 75x magnification and 60mm objective lens, the dynamic lens focusing system feature a BK-7 prism with completely multi-coated optics which gives reassurance about the standard of the lens on this scope.

A multi-coated optic such as this is capable of improving the quantity of light coupled with giving you the most meaningful and sharp pictures of your target or view. To get the most out of the quantity of light coming in from the outside of the lens and raising the quality of images mostly relies on the multiple covering or certain element applied to the lens.

The scope comes with a carrying bag to make it easier to be carried around, and also a cleaning cloth to ensure it is clean at all times. It is supplied with portable tripod which is really great because it offers a stable base for monocular

Gskyer 25-75×75 Bird Watching Telescope is an ideal equipment for increasing the ardor and ecstasy of nature observing experience. It is sold around $100-$120.

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Meade Instruments 126001 Wilderness Spotting Scope

Meade Instruments 126001Weight: 3.1 pounds

Dimension: 7.09 x 3.93 x 18.9 inches

The Meade Wilderness 20-60×80 Spotting Scope is perfect for high-magnification, high-resolution view of earthly subjects. Observe the intricacies of a bird’s feather from 50 yards away, examine license plates from more than a mile away, or use the scope for laid-back earthly observations.

This 20-60x80mm Wilderness Spotting Scope is a fully multi-coated device that is capable of magnifying from 20-60x with an eyepiece that gives lucid and vivid images when being used at a long distance in all-weather circumstances. The 80mm objective lens featured on the scope gives it a low light performance ahead of lesser objectives to locate objects and track game and animals at daybreak and sunset.

There is a quick focus switch placed on the right side and also a sight tube which functions similarly to the optical tube to assist you to find your subjects quicker. Its exterior is also rubber made which shield it from falls. A camera attachment is incorporated which glides over the eyepiece and takes most user supplied camera specific T-mounts.

The device features BAK-4 prisms of high quality, accuracy ground lenses that are covered and also a sunshade to lessen glare. It has customary ¼-20 threaded holes, prepared to mount on your tripod.

All Wilderness spotting scopes are fog proof, waterproof, and nitrogen cleansed to guarantee several years of performance no matter the environment. It comes with a soft casing nylon bag to guard your device, camera adapter, and lens cleaning cloth.

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Celestron 52268 C90 Mak Spotting scope

Celestron 52268 C90 MakWeight: 2 pounds

Dimension: 10 x 7 x 16 inches

The Celestron 52268 C90 Mak Spotting scope is a perfect optical instrument for outdoor and wildlife viewing. This scope is well equipped and it comes with a number of applications. One of the outstanding features of this device is the image finder which is an astonishing feature.

It features 8×12 configurations which offer a wide field of view that assists to find the object effortlessly. The permanent 39x magnification of this device makes sure the suitable size of the object’s picture. The scope’s greatest magnification level is supposedly 210x.

The Celestron 52268 C90 Mak Spotting scope features the choice of using the different eyepiece with altered magnification. The 12.5 mm eyepiece can be used with this scope as well. When you use the 12.5 mm eyepiece and 100 x magnifications, you can easily see the main cloud bands of the Jupiter and when you use the 6mm eyepiece and 200 x magnifications, you would be able to see the Moon and Stars easily.

The magnification of this device gives a variety of sizes of the picture of the object. In the range, you can obtain the detailed image at different points. The lowest level of the magnification is 39x while the utmost level is 210x. A magnification level such as this is ideal for getting the perfect size of the images.

The outstanding feature of this scope is the merged optical materials and magnifications. It comes together with combined mirrors and lens that have the length of 1250 mm. The least magnification of this device is 39x, and the highest is 210x.

Of the key parts of the scope is the objective lens. It assists in penetrating the light into the housing of the scope. The objective lens that comes with the device is 90 mm and that is huge enough for getting more than adequate light.

As a result of this, you get sharp pictures of the objects. There is a particular chemical covering on the optic for increasing its quality for generating vivid and clean pictures of your targeted view.

Summarily, the Celestron 52268 C90 Mak Spotting scope is a device with multiple dimensions for viewing nature, earthly observations and shooting. Numerous technical alternatives of the objective lens and magnification have ensured the uniqueness of the scope in the world of spotting.

The interchangeable eyepiece gives you the prospect of selecting the preferred object to watch.  Well-built and highly developed spotting scope, the users are very satisfied with this device.

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BARSKA 30-90×90 Colorado Waterproof Spotting Scope

BARSKA 30-90x90 ColoradoWeight: 3 pounds

Dimension: 4.5 x 5 x 21 inches

Barska Colorado 30-90x90mm Spotting Scope offers you a powerful scope and a sturdy, steady tripod in one precious package. The 30-90×90 WP Colorado Spotting Scope is a Barska spotting scope with some additional kick, boasting a great zoom magnification range that can zoom from 30x to 90x.

The huge 90mm optical lens of the scope optimizes light transmission, producing brighter images even in conditions with low light. Barska offers you much more than a mere spotting scope with the Barska Colorado 30-90x Straight Spot Scope; it includes a sturdy, flexible tripod that is capable of giving you a stable viewing surface.

This device can be extended to 63.4″ and it features a collaborative fluid head and the head platform is universal. The tripod offers you legs that can be extended with feet made of rubber, and a fastener is used to additionally steady the tripod in extremely stormy situations.

It features a fitted edged sun-shade helps lessen glare when being used in scorching sun. The device is lightweight which makes it easy to be transported to secluded areas and its premium rubber body provides the viewer a non-slip shock proof hold. This waterproof scope is perfect for far distance surveillance and shooting.

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Redfield Rampage 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope Kit

Redfield Rampage 20-60x60mmWeight: 16 x 7.5 x 5.8 inches

Dimension: 5.1 pounds

Redfield is a division of Leupold, who has attained global popularity and acknowledgment in the field of premium optics. Products by Redfield are generally more inexpensive compared to products with the high-class Leupold name.

The first question you would ask yourself is clearly what you are getting in return for the money. The Redfield Rampage Spotting Scope comes together with nearly everything you would require for hunting or for nature viewing. Every detail is paid attention to in the manufacturing of the added accessories.

Although the scope is fog proof and also waterproof, the see-through casing is suitable for the scope’s usage in stormy weather. The eyepiece and objective covers are fitted firmly, but they can be removed easily. The tripod is quite strong and can be useful when the scope doesn’t need to be held by hand.

The scope is capable of magnifying from 20x to 60x. It produces crisp and lucid images. Using the knob, the view can easily be zoomed.

When observing near objects, the lens will enable the user to focus on things that are as near as 19 feet away. This device features an area of view that is above normal, giving you 114 feet of view at 20x magnification from 1,000 yards and 51-feet of view at 60x magnification from 1,000 yards.

It is easy to use this spotting scope. Both the magnification and focus controls turn appropriately slickly, but with adequate friction to stop you from accidentally knocking them out of your favored focus and view. At the base of the device is a tripod mount which is compatible with any camera tripod or window mount.

This means the device is extremely simple to use. It features fully multi-coated lenses with premium BAK-4 prisms, giving it amazing low light capacity. This scope’s dusk feature is also brilliant as it ranges from 34.6 to about 60.

Nevertheless, it will mostly rely on the zoom set ups or settings. Due to this, it functions well even at nighttime. You can make use of a retractable lens shade when you are out in the intense sunlight to be protected from glare.

Even though this device has some slight blemishes, it is a wonderful scope all the same and outstanding value. It’s a scope which is capable of delivering excellent performance for the cost. This device is absolutely worth taking into consideration if you’re looking for a powerful spotting scope that brings long-range pictures or images into accurate clarity.

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BARSKA Colorado Waterproof Spotting Scope

BARSKA Colorado Spotting ScopeWeight: 15.3 x 6.5 x 4 inches

Dimension: 2.6 pounds

A spotting scope ought to basically work in every circumstance and withstand abrasion as a result of hunting. This device ticks all boxes and it has numerous features that are useful to any bird watcher or hunter.

The 60-mm lens gives sharp pictures even when it is used in low light conditions. It can be magnified from 20 to 60X and it is adjustable using the power control in the region of the viewing lens. This device is very simple to use and provides a wide field of view.

Of the features that make the Barska Colorado Spotting Scope an exceptional product is the protective casing that is made of rubber which makes it waterproof as a result and it offers easy to hold. It has an excellent camo color that means it wouldn’t draw any attention when being used. The product is not only waterproof but fog proof also due to its casing O-ring seal, protecting all components in the scope from the chemicals.

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Final Thoughts

A highly sturdy and powerful spotting scope cannot be expected for this price really but a cheap spotting scope can effectively get the job done. This is a reason why reading reviews are key if you are purchasing a scope with an inadequate budget, and we hope this review can help you or has helped you to choose the best option.

Celestron angled spotter scope

Let us know which option you went with in the comments section below.

Mike Benton
Mike Benton

Mike is a hunter since he was 6 years old and his father would take him to Alaska or British Columbia. He realized that the difference in gear that you have might have a big impact on how much game will you carry home. Later he decided to share his valuable experience with our readers to help you to choose the proper gear for hunting and outdoors.