Best Muzzleloader Scope: To Keep You Shooting Straight

Muzzleloader top picks
Written by Kane Dane

Muzzleloader is one of the most important firearms in the field of rifles. This line of scopes is a leader in the industry, providing the greatest resources to hunters worldwide. The best muzzleloader scope has taken numerous steps forward regarding all the exciting features that have been invented recently.

There are now muzzleloader-specific riflescopes that greatly improve your rifles aesthetics. You can use a muzzleloader from cannons to small caliber bullets in order to get accurate range finding and shoot at the target. These scopes have a range of strong features that empower every hunter to reach their maximum potential and achieve the most prime results. Muzzleloaders scope in the hands of an experienced hunter can rival your traditional centerfire rifles regarding accuracy.

More hunters have been switching from the more widely used centerfire rifles to muzzleloaders because they are challenging and more fun. The muzzleloaders are for professionals and high-budget oriented group. Below is a comparison table that shows the best muzzleloaders for hunting and this table will also help you to select the right one for hunting.

Our Top Picks

Product NameMagnificationObjective LensLength (In)Price
Nikon Buckmasters II3x - 9x40 mm13.1 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Simmons 8-Point Truplex3x - 9x40 mm10.1 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Vortex Crossfire1x - 24x24 mm8.9 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Leupold FX II2.5x20 mm8 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Konuspro9x40 mm12.9 inchesCheck price on Amazon
BSA Deer Hunter4x - 16x44 mm10 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Traditions Performance Firearms3x - 9x40 mm12 inchesCheck price on Amazon
Leupold VX3x - 9x40 mm12 inchesCheck price on Amazon
New Night Force2.5x - 10x42 mm12 inchesCheck price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Purchase

Buying a muzzleloader for hunting has become very common among the hunters. A quality scope allows an accurate shot at a long distance and enables one to see beyond the target by providing a wide field of view.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to the characteristics of your scope to get the highest quality without making many compromises.

Below, we have created an outline to help you determine the most important things to look when upgrading your weapon sight, thus helping you make an informed as well as wise buying decision. Therefore, the factors include the following:

Weight of the scope

The weight of the scope dictates the mounting of it. The as lighter scopes mount further away from the rear, giving it balance.

Muzzleloader Scope

Scope weight will also add weight to the overall weight of the rifle that you are carrying about.

Magnification power of the lens

Do you need a high power or low power, as this directs your field of view? Long range shooting needs low power while short range needs high power, varied magnification is always a better option.


Do you want a mil-dot or duplex style? This is the aiming point that is in the scope. The mil-dot style is closer to what the military is currently using, while the duplex is the more classic crosshairs.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance wherein the eye must be close to the ocular lens to get a clear picture through the sight. The eye relief guides your brow from the power of the bullet or powder coming out of the chamber while you shoot.

Muzzleloader Scope

The eye relief should be a minimum of three inches while the optimal distance is four to five inches.


It is always necessary that when you are buying a product durability should come first. You need a high-quality rifle scope with the capacity to last for years, and this goes to your other weapon accessories as well.

It is recommended that the scopes were made in a way that will allow for efficiency regardless of the period, season or weather condition. It is advisable for the lovers of sport especially campers and hunters to check for durability in order to make sure that whatever product they are making a price bet for, are worth their merit.


The design of the muzzleloader will really matter when you are choosing your hunting items. Having a well-designed scope with a body crafted from a single piece of high-quality aluminum does help improve the scopes shock resistance and ability to hold zero.

Muzzleloader Scope

The scope body is also important to consider because it could affect the accuracy of your optic sight.

Objective Lens

A lot of consideration needs to go into the quality of lenses that will be used. It is also beneficial to have lenses that have been coated to resist scratching, waterproof and fogproof for untainted visibility. Coated lens are kind of expensive, but they add to the aesthetics for your scope.


All buying decisions highly depend on the price of the product and purchasing a new scope or upgrading to a new one need that kind of consideration for the price tag. Depending on your budget and favorite items for hunting, you may choose a model. Therefore, go for the muzzleloader that suits your budget and needs for the hunting season.

Top Products on the Market Today

There are several scopes designed specifically for use with muzzleloaders as well as numerous rifle scopes that have the qualities needed to mount on your muzzleloader. Choosing them might be difficult in the beginning because there are some technical terms that are new to you.

If you follow and prefer the concerning points, you will surely be able to buy the best muzzleloader for your upcoming hunting season.  If you don’t have one, you’re now getting left behind. Check this article out for the best muzzleloader scope.

Nikon Buckmasters II

Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9×40 BDCPrice: Approx. $100

Weight: 22.4 ounces

Dimensions: 16 x 5 x 4 inches

Specific features: Crystal clear optics, great finish and fit, adjustable knobs, magnification handle nub, superb eye relief, quick reticle focus, and sharp view

Best use: Dawn-to-dusk game hunting, best for low light

The Nikon Buckmasters II represents a perfect product from the best known Optics Company worldwide, Nikon and the highly respected sporting organization, Buckmasters.

To guarantee that you get the best service out of your Muzzleloader Scope, they ensure that the riflescope line features very high-quality Optics and that it is durable enough to withstand all the harsh conditions while hunting.

So, if you are looking for durable scopes, place your money on this and enjoy hunting for a very long time. Again, these riflescopes feature multicoated lenses with the bright anti-reflective system providing more than 92% anti-reflection capability.

This means that when it comes to light transmission, you will experience it in high levels combined with optical clarity. It thus enables you to have an easy time when on big game hunting, especially between dawn-to-dusk.

You will also love the BDC reticle trajectory-compensating system. It is calibrated and designed to enable fast and straightforward aiming points within various shot distances.

This is further enhanced by the multiple layers of the anti-reflective compounds on the lenses. These compounds help in boosting the light transmission thus increasing the overall image quality by improving contrast as this pulls the aimed game out of the surroundings and deliver flare-free viewing with real color radiation.

The riflescope comes with a 100% water & fog-proof housing, nitrogen filling and O-ring sealing ensuring that no moisture penetrates the interior. This adds to the overall durability as with game hunting, you are never so sure of the condition, and for game hunting enthusiasts, not even the toughest of conditions can stop them.

Therefore, you can always rely on this muzzleloaders scope here to withstand any conditions thus to this housing.


  • Contrast of images is exceptional
  • Quick adjustments on the fly
  • Waterproof, Fogproof & Shockproof
  • Guarantees you of excellent light transmission


  • A bit heavy
  • Not for long ranges
  • Sighting may take a while

Related: In order to keep this securely mounted on your muzzleloader you’ll need to make sure you have a rock solid set of rings.  Allow us to suggest the Accushot Medium Profile 1 inch rings.

Check the price on Amazon

Simmons 8-Point Truplex

Simmons 8-Point Truplex RiflescopePrice: Approx. $45

Weight: 10.1 ounces

Dimensions: 15.5 × 5.5 × 3 inches

Specific features: Fast focus eyepiece, side parallax adjustment, high-quality coated optical glass, sure grip rubber surfaces

Best use: Target shooting hunting, varmint hunting

The Simmons 8-Point Truplex is the best solution for accurate shooting performance. With the 8-Point riflescope, you can expect nothing less of all high-quality features. In fact, this is the best performing riflescope in this class. Any hunter will appreciate its great features as they make hunting easy and exciting.

With TrueZero fingertip windage combined with the Elevation Adjustments ensures accurate and reliable clicks. Its TrueZero system will lock tightly thus holding “true zero” for so many numbers of hunts, thanks to the direct steel-on-steel pressure employed.

The innovative design featuring spring and a ball bearing system makes it stronger and more stable than all the typical designs. What makes it even more reliable is the complete sealing and waterproof even when the caps are off.

It is thus safe to describe it as all-weather reliable which makes it a better choice especially if you hunt more often. The riflescope is also impervious to wear thus giving you the confidence to go hunting, even in the toughest condition, with confidence and frequency.

If you have been searching for a riflescope with an exclusive quick target acquisition (QTA), then this here will excite you. It combines the QTA with a super-fast focus eyepiece to give you a permanent 3.5 inches eye relief (the distance between your eye as a shooter and the riflescope’s eyepiece) throughout your entire power range.

This aspect is important, especially when using up to date heavier loads featuring increased recoil. Most scopes without the QTA eyepiece system shrink your eye relief as the power increases thus affecting your focus.

For ultra-bright and ultra-clear images, this riflescope takes the lead as it features high-quality optical glass featuring high-quality specialized coatings. The optical lens thus provides exceptional light transmission, an outstanding glare control, higher contrast, and ultra-sharp clarity.

This makes it the real deal for dawn-to-dusk hunting as you are guaranteed excellent results all through.


  • Fully multicoated optics
  • Zooming process is easy and smooth
  • Well enhanced functionality and finish
  • Magnification can be adjusted up to 9 times
  • Provides a perfect match and fit for a variety of firearms


  • Eye relief can be better
  • Not ideal for low light environments
  • For far distance visuals the scope is somehow unclear

Related: To keep getting the most accurate shots you’ll want to keep your scope clean.  In order to help out with that consider the Nikon Lens Cleaning System.

Check the price on Amazon

Vortex Crossfire

Vortex Crossfire 1×24 ScopePrice: Approx. $90

Weight: 11 ounces

Specific features: Fully multi-coated optics, hard anodized finish to minimize glare, waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof

Best use: All-weather game hunting, severe conditions hunting

The Vortex Crossfire is the best unmagnified fully multicoated riflescope on the market, and it features a V-Plex crosshair reticle. This feature gives the shooter an extensive and clear field of view enabling them to spot the target faster as well as acquisition and tracking.

The muzzleloader scope features a ½ MOA in every click shot correction which gets you on target, elevation, and windage adjustment ranges of up to 100 MOA. These adjustment dials have been carefully designed allowing you, as the shooter, to re-index its zero indicators after you have sighted in the scope.

This enables you to return to the zero position with ease after you have made temporary corrections.

If you are worried about on-target accuracy, you have no reason to. With this muzzleloader scope is a 3 4/5 inches eye relief (the distance between your eye as the shooter and the riflescope’s eyepiece), Duplex Reticle and vast F.O.V. to give you a perfect in on-target accuracy. This means that any hunter will accomplish any task with it.

The construction is sturdy and rigid. The aircraft-grade aluminum construction adds to its durability and ability to withstand harsh hunting conditions. The shockproof features ensure that muzzleloader scope can withstand a considerable amount of abuse when on the game hunting activity.

Its abilities go further into recoil and impact withstanding. What’s more, its durability is being enhanced by the O-ring seal that prevents moisture, debris, and dust. This feature makes it perfect for use in any condition, wet or dry.  It is also waterproof and fog-proof, all making it a high-quality product to invest.

It features a single-piece tube, and this comes with many advantages. First, it is lighter than other riflescopes and features fewer parts, seams, and joints to seal. This maximizes its alignment thus improving accuracy as well as the optimum visual performance.

With a single-piece tube, this muzzleloader scope is stronger and has the highest level of waterproofness thus performs best in all environments.


  • Large field of view at 100 yards
  • Strong, lightweight and durable scope body design
  • Simple V-Plex reticle makes it easy to focus on your targets


  • Mounting rings for this scope are sold separately
  • Single magnification limits this scope to close range shooting

Related: For the best mounting option to a high-powered muzzleloader you’ll want to consider the Dead On One Piece Base System.  Being a single piece you don’t need to worry about things not lining up just right.

Check the price on Amazon

Leupold FX II

Leupold FX II ultralightPrice: Approx. $250

Weight: 6.5 ounces

Dimensions: 14 × 3.1 × 3 inches

Specific features: High-performance optical power, Ultralight Riflescope, great eye relief, durable, bright, great reticle

Best use: Heavy kicking and dangerous game rifles, short-medium range rifles

The Leupold FX II helps keep the weight and size down while offering you excellent performance. It is the lightened and slimmed down version of the Leupold’s FX-II scope, and these adjustments were made to meet every game hunter’s need especially when size and weight really matters.

This scope here leads as the smallest and lightest scope on the market, and it is the only scope with fixed power in the ultralight line.

If you plan on using it on hard kicking firearms, expect the best of results as it features a long 4.9 inches eye relief combined with a short 2.1 inches eyepiece. Most people looking for a scope to use on a hard kicking gun overlook the length of the scope’s eyepiece forgetting that this distance determines the clarity of the images.

For this scope by Leupold, the distance between your eye and the rear scope ring is fixed; thus you won’t need to use extension rings as you won’t be moving the scope.

When it comes to the reticle, this scope here features a wide Duplex reticle with thin inner crosswires thus covering 39.5ft at 100 yards. This scope’s actual magnification is 2.3X which allows you have a detailed view of the target before taking the kill shot. When it comes to the clarity of its images, it is simply amazing!

With this scope, water damage and fogging are out of the question as its tube is argon/krypton blend purged offering advanced fog and waterproofing. This makes it ideal for all weather hunting and also, one of the most durable scopes on the market.

Every hunter wants to know if their choice of scope will withstand the even the toughest of hunting conditions and this one here never disappoints.


  • Excellent low light performance
  • Strong and lightweight body is durable and can tolerate heavy recoil


  • Pricey
  • Limited reticles

Related: To get just the right mount for this scope, take a look at the Leupold Standard Low Rings.  Their rugged and dependable machining will keep your scope rock solid during your shooting.

Check the price on Amazon

Konus Zoom Konuspro

Konus 9X40 Zoom KonusproPrice: Approx. $80

Weight: 17.6 ounces

Dimensions: 14.4 × 4.8 × 5.5 inches

Specific features: Supremely rugged, recoil-proof, versatile on magnification power

Best use: Long range rifle, use on heavy rifles, thicket target shooting

The Konus Zoom Konuspro  is considered the best precise aim out to 275 yards, with an excellent illumination to take even the most complicated shots in poorly lit environments, plus it can help aim against shadowy and gloomy targets.

No more guessing with this scope for it features a unique ballistic reticle that adjusts consistently and accurately, using the MOA style. This scope allows a ¼ MOA adjustment for every 100 yards with each click at the turret, meaning your target will always be in the shooting zone.

With this scope, you get not only the accurate positioning of the reticle but also sufficient internal adjustment probabilities so that you always remain in your shooting range. Since most hunters are in the long range shooting, the reticle does not shrink or grow with the magnification, in this case, 3x-9x40mm.

It makes for a target quality scope for the rear lens provides 3”/76 mm eye relief, so the expectation is quite high with this one.

Regarding compensating for parallax, it does so for every 100 yards, such that you do not change your view, with either the left or right eye or when you move your head. This is made possible via the adjustment ring which moves the target’s reticle and focal plane consequently beating parallax.

When it comes to compensating for strong winds, this scope carries lateral hash marks that together with magnification on at x9 and the MOA windage all collaborate to make sure the hash marks work correctly.

Mounting this scope counts for an ingenious design since it mounts flat at 5.6”/142mm of your muzzleloader, this means you still get to enjoy the benefits of the 1-inch diameter objective lens.


  • Bright and clear optics
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Offers protection from glare


  • Not compatible with some guns
  • Not as precise at maximum magnification

Related: To get the most accuracy out of your muzzleloader you’ll want to sight in with your scope with the weapon is held secure in the Steady Rest NXT shooting rest.  This will keep your rifle in the same position between shots.

Check the price on Amazon

BSA Deer Hunter

BSA Deer Hunter scopePrice: Approx. $105

Weight: 16 ounces

Dimensions: 4 x 16 x 44

Specific features: Durable, accurate, prolific eye relief

Best use: Long range shooting, moving targets

The BSA Deer Hunter focuses its target on the serious deer hunter. With a rugged design, it performs with absolute accuracy, seeing that its magnification is versatile at 4-16x 44.

This is a powerful magnification for long range targets with the benefit of many power points and a high precision ability. The objective lens measure a good 44mm, it allows for reaching out to short and long distance plus it’s multi-coated making it bright enough for an early morning or late evening hunting.

The reticle for this muzzleloading scope is centered in a strong erector tube with adjustment rings so that you can correctly choose the direction without changing your view.

It’s basically a MOA reticle which a hunter uses to calculate the angle downrange through the scope. The crosshairs can help you get your focus even on a windy day, with an emphasis on the horizontal lines at a ¼ MOA.

The parallax setting for this scope is at 100 yards where you can easily adjust this effect through the adjustable objective ring to get the sharpest target in your scope.

Since this scope provides a wide field of view because of its ideal magnification for the game, you’ll appreciate that this aspect allows focusing on close moving targets, making it easier to bring the rifle at eye level when one suddenly sees a target at only 30 yards.

Also, the eye relief for this scope is 4 inches so you can use it on the long muzzle loaders giving a wider field of view and allowing for fast adjustments. It helps to balance the front weight and the rear weight of your rifle.

This scope is the perfect fit for long range shooting for it covers the essentials for a useful reticle that compensates for bullet drop and windage for its caliber. It is affordably priced for the durability as it is waterproofed with a black matte finish which is also shock and fog-proofed.


  • Adjustment system is easy to use
  • Modern design with clear glass for the best image quality
  • Specially designed reticle system gives you the most accurate aim for your trajectory


  • The optics can be out of alignment out of the box
  • Narrow field of view which affects the accuracy of the shot

Related: In order to keep your scope spotless and giving you the best views you’ll want to keep it nice and clean.  To help out with that consider the Vortex Lens Cleaning Pen.

Check the price on Amazon

Traditions Performance Muzzleloader

Traditions Performance Muzzleloader Hunter SeriesPrice: Approx. $57

Weight: 7.2 ounces

Dimensions: 14.8 × 3.5 × 3.5

Specific features: Consistent adjustments, wide field of view, water and shock proofed

Best use: Poorly lit environment hunting, long range shooting,

The Traditions Performance Muzzleloader has a compact design that mounts low to your rifle so that your rifle remains balanced. This allows for a precise and consistent shot every time.

It also makes for a steady rifle that does not recoil such that you can watch your shot through the scope. You do not need to use a spotter with this scope, as you can spot your target through your scope using the MOA reticle.

It features parallax adjustment at ¼ MOA for every 100 yards; this gives you the highest chance of hitting even a moving target. The focus ring allows for adjusting the eyepiece; it is calibrated to know whether you are increasing or decreasing the sharpness of a target.

It’s important that you don’t look through the eyepiece too long before the ring sharpens the images you see, since your eyes may sharpen the picture which is not a representation of what is in the field of view.

The lenses are high quality, averaging at 90% light transmission, fully coated hence very durable. It measures 40 mm which is ideal for better viewing in long range shooting.

This muzzleloading scope can take on the roughest weather conditions since it is waterproofed with nitrogen fills that keep it sealed from water and fog. It can handle falls and rough terrain; since as much as the nitrogen fill protects it from the weather, It keeps it shock proofed thereby preventing it from cracking or breaking.


  • Designed for mid to long range shooting
  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Adaptable sunshade to protect you from glare
  • Simple reticle design makes it easy to focus a


  • Not the best low light image
  • Can take some time to pattern
  • The scope doesn’t come with mounting rings

Related: For the best mounting option to a high-powered muzzleloader you’ll want to consider the Dead On One Piece Base System.  Being a single piece you don’t need to worry about things not lining up just right.

Check the price on Amazon

Leupold VX-2 3-9X40 Rifle Scope

Leupold VX-2 3-9X40Price: Approx.  $250

Weight: 11.2 ounces

Dimensions: 14 × 3.2 × 3

Specific features: Duplex reticle, low mounting alignment, parallax-free view

Best use: Game hunting, long range shooting

The Leupold VX-2 3-9×40 Rifle Scope bears the highest qualities on the market. Firstly, it features a duplex reticle which makes it show better against thickets and dense fog.

With a low magnification power of3x-9x, this scope gives a broad field of view and a clearer aim at moving targets. You can now take shot after shot without losing your target, and since it has low magnification it makes the exit pupil larger; thus it is easier to customize your view.

The important aspect of low magnification for this scope is the ability to shoot at close range, especially for the dangerous game, you’ll want a scope where you can adjust the magnification fast enough.

The capabilities of this scope also go with the objective lens dimensions which at 40 mm eliminate the mounting issue. It can be set very low on the rifle since it fits the barrel by contouring against it so you can have a natural eye alignment.

This, in turn, keeps the rifle steady on a surface or when standing. It keeps it balance as it is mounted away from the rear, allowing the carrier a still rifle.

With the turret adjustment of the MOA set at ¼ MOA, you can now do a good estimation on the range for every 100 yards on target. Since the reticle shall be fixed on the second focal plane, you can only change the range at one magnetic power.

For this scope, this is a good thing since it is set at low magnification for a better focus and you don’t’ have to worry about a zero shift within the magnification range.

It also features a rugged reliability since it can handle extremities of the outdoor environment since it is completely sealed; it can withstand rain and fog in extreme weather conditions, with the matte finish also keeping it shock-proofed. It also has the flexibility of receiving repairs in case it bumps on to something it can’t take, making it convenient for a wide choice of game hunting zones.


  • Fogproof and waterproof
  • Five choices for the reticle
  • High-quality lens construction
  • Spacious eye box & Ample eye relief


  • Very Expensive
  • Doesn’t come with a sunshade option
  • The fog-proofing is sometimes not always effective

Related: Pairing a great scope with a spotting scope is always a good plan when shooting or hunting.  This gives you the ability to check the target area or have a buddy serve as your spotter. A great option would be the Emarth 20-60x60AE Spotting Scope.

Check the price on Amazon

New Night Force

Night Force 2.5-10X42Price: Approx. $1800

Weight: 20.5 ounces

Specific features: Night vision capabilities, sturdy exterior, Externally adjustable illumination, Integral PTL allows rapid and secure magnification

Best use: Hunting in harsh conditions, perfect for long range shooting

The New Night Force muzzle loader scope features the ideal necessities for long range hunting. It weighs two pounds which add some weight on the rifle making it steady against recoil to allow for long range targets.

This will enable you to still look through your scope after you take a shot. It also eliminates the need for a spotter.

It features a threaded eyepiece which can be focused to get a better target view. This is simply done by rotating the eyepiece to concentrate on the reticle until you get an infinite view, then turning it back to get a sharp focus on the reticle. This scope allows this adjustment to stay put by locking the ring tightly to avoid unwarranted changes.

A unique feature of this scope is the Moar reticle, with a crosshair that floats at the center for accurate aim. It carries thicker lines with numerical calibrations for indicating the elevation axes and the windage. This allows for precise hold-offs and ranging in dark and poorly lit fields even with low magnification.

The diameter of the scope’s outer tube is 30 mm which is better over the 1inch diameter. Firstly, this indicates that it is of high quality making it durable. Secondly, one acquires a larger range using the internal adjustment hence, suitable for hunting in harsh conditions with a long range rifle.

The light transmission of this scope is better because it also carries a small objective lens of 42mm. This gives it a low exit pupil which counts for a larger and clearer view. It is water and fog-proofed so that it remains as good a new.


  • It suitable for all weather
  • Strong and light weighted
  • Guarantees you of excellent light transmission


  • Incompatible to some gun models
  • This scope doesn’t include mounting rails

Related: If you are looking for the best mounting option for this scope than take a look at the 1.125 inch Unimount Scope Mount.  The single piece construction is easy to install and works with the Picatinny rail on your muzzleloader.

Check the price on Amazon

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a new weapon sight or upgrading your old one is a lucrative and necessary investment especially if you are using the scope on a regular basis. Now you know the best muzzleloader in the market for hunting as well as how to select a muzzleloader for hunting.

Muzzleloader Scope

Whichever muzzleloader scope you decide on, just make sure it has the right features for your needs. Therefore, with this little knowledge on the subject, you will be able to make a positive buy.​

Next, it is your turn; we’d love to hear which of these muzzleloader scopes you’ve gone with, tell us in the comment section below.


Kane Dane